Alberto Del Rio: Why the Miz and ADR Should Have Their Roles Reversed in WWE

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistFebruary 14, 2013

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Over the past couple months, both Alberto Del Rio and The Miz have made the transition from hated heel to beloved face. While the fans have embraced both men, there is no doubt that Del Rio has had much more success. Logically speaking, however, their current roles should be reversed.

I consider myself to be a fan of both The Miz and Del Rio, so I'm glad that at least one of them is excelling at the moment.

But it's blatantly obvious that the WWE has things reversed.

It isn't possible to prove, but I have long been under the impression that The Miz had a larger fanbase than Del Rio. Also, Miz's face turn was more impactful, so he had a leg up on Del Rio from the start.

Despite that, Del Rio has received the ultimate rub by defeating Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship, while The Miz has struggled to gain his footing. Del Rio has almost become a superhero like John Cena, Ryback or Sheamus, while The Miz is one of the few big-name faces on the roster who actually loses as much as he wins, if not more.

The Miz and Del Rio essentially turned face at the same time, as they combined to take on 3MB at TLC. I liken their situation to two babies switched at birth. They have the same origins, but they somehow ended up in the wrong situation and don't fit naturally into their current storylines.

Miz is the one who should be World Heavyweight Champion right now, while Del Rio should be chasing the United States Championship. 

Del Rio chased the World Heavyweight Championship for months this past summer when he feuded with Sheamus, and most fans absolutely hated it. Because of that, Del Rio should have gone to the back of the line. Miz, on the other hand, had a fairly fruitful WWE Championship reign and a good run as one half of Awesome Truth. This was before he lost steam and eventually took some time off to film a movie.

When The Miz returned at Money in the Bank to announce that he would compete in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank contract match, the fans reacted favorably and were obviously excited to see him back. The Miz was back on the ascent by that point, while Del Rio was extremely stale.

Instead of capitalizing on Miz's newfound popularity, though, Del Rio was given another crack at the main-event scene, while Miz has been left to put over the likes of Dolph Ziggler, The Shield, Brock Lesnar and whomever else.

Miz's only wins come against jobbers such as Darren Young and Primo, and he spends more time doing Miz TV segments than wrestling in actual matches.

The WWE has decided to put him in a storyline at least, as he is feuding with Antonio Cesaro over the United States Championship. The problem, however, is that The Miz used the U.S. title as a steppingstone to the main event long ago, so going after the championship at this point makes it look like he has taken a gigantic step back in his career.

Del Rio feuding with Big Show makes little sense as well.

Del Rio contested Sheamus for months, yet as soon as Big Show ended his feud with Sheamus, Del Rio became Sheamus' buddy and went after Big Show. The Miz at least has history with Big Show as they are former tag team partners. That could have been used as the basis of a rivalry rather than Del Rio randomly challenging him.

Also, Del Rio could have feuded with Cesaro over the United States Championship. Cesaro has been very critical of the American people, but Del Rio could have been the face foreigner who stands up for American ideals. A feud between Del Rio and an anti-immigration Jack Swagger appears to be in the works, and that program would be much better with the United States Championship involved.

I can't say for sure why or how the WWE made the decisions they did with Miz and Del Rio.

Common sense tells me that Miz was supposed to get the world title push with Del Rio going after the lesser title. One thing that is clearly going in Del Rio's favor is the fact that he is a Latino, and his world title win corresponded with a tour through some Latino-heavy cities.

It's hard to say whether or not that was the only deciding factor, but it undoubtedly played a role. Due to the fact that The Miz has a movie coming out, and because he's plugged in to the world of Hollywood, he would have been an ideal world champion.

The logistics favored Del Rio, though, and it ultimately resulted in him winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

Now The Miz is stuck in a bad situation. He already lost to Cesaro at Royal Rumble, and while I don't necessarily mind his feud with Cesaro, he seems out of place. I've never viewed Miz as a rah-rah, pro-American guy, but he has been thrown into that role since there aren't many other options.

The Miz seemed to be on the precipice of a main-event push, but Del Rio pulled it right out from under him.

Del Rio appears to be only a transitional champion with Dolph Ziggler waiting in the wings, but he is in a much more advantageous position than The Miz is. Once Del Rio drops the title, he will have momentum at the very least. The Miz has none right now, and some of the decision making surrounding him is truly puzzling when you look at the big picture.

I can understand why the WWE would want to push a Latino star with Southwestern cities on the schedule and a guy like Rey Mysterio aging. But if that is the only reason why the creative team made the decision to push Del Rio and place The Miz on the back burner, then I've certainly lost a lot of confidence.


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