New York Jets: LaRon Landry's New Contract Demands Make Him Worth Keeping

Will AgathisCorrespondent IIFebruary 14, 2013

LaRon Landry must like the Rex Ryan defense
LaRon Landry must like the Rex Ryan defenseRick Stewart/Getty Images

It was reported earlier today that LaRon Landry is seeking an annual pay of about $6 million per season. Much cheaper than most people expected, this number could very well fix the Jets' possible safety issues.

The Jets have both of their starting safeties (Landry and Yeremiah Bell) hitting free agency this season. Likewise, Eric Smith is likely to be a cap casualty in the coming weeks. That leaves Antonio Allen and Josh Bush as the only safeties on the roster. Obviously, if the Jets do not retain Bell and Landry, the need for a safety would be great.

LaRon Landry recently spoke to reporters, saying that he would not take a hometown discount. In a sense, this new projected contract really is a discount. Granted, an annual salary of $6 million is a bit high for an oft-injured safety, but LaRon Landry was a true difference maker on the field. His hits were able to wake up the defense (and opposing offenses).

Asking for just $6 million a season, the Jets could easily retain him. It's well known that the Jets are—and will be—cash strapped in the re-signing phase, but at such a reasonable price, there are few excuses to let him leave.

Even in a great offseason for safeties (both in free agency and in the draft), the Jets would be wise to re-sign Landry and draft a safety in the middle of the draft.

The time is right and the money is not too damaging. Let Shonn Greene go. Let Mike DeVito go. Let Dustin Keller go. But Jets management, please keep LaRon in Gotham.