5 of the Best Manchester United Fan Chants of All Time

Max TowleAnalyst IFebruary 14, 2013

5 of the Best Manchester United Fan Chants of All Time

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    Over the years, Old Trafford has developed a reputation for being almost funeral-like in terms of the lack of noisy fan support.

    Former captain Roy Keane once hit out at the "prawn sandwich" eaters who don't get behind their team enough during home games (The Guardian).

    While the fiery Irishman has a point to a certain extent, the Red Devils have some of the most loyal and passionate fans on the planet mixed in with the usual glory supporters.

    Over the years, these die-hard followers have developed countless chants in support of their team. These tunes are sung both home and away and in the pubs and on the streets before and after games.

    Here are five of the best.

Giggs Will Tear You Apart

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    Giggs will tear you apart (again)
    Giggs will tear you apart (again)

    First up on the list is a familiar tune sung to express Manchester United fans' undying love for Welsh winger Ryan Giggs.

    The veteran has played for Sir Alex Ferguson's side for over 20 years, scoring in every Premier League campaign since its inception in the early 90's.

    The chant is sung to the tune of Joy Division's classic "Love Will Tear You Apart," a favourite due to the band originally hailing from Manchester.

    A perfect way to celebrate one of, if not the greatest, Red Devil in history.

We'll Never Die

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    United’s flag is deepest red
    It shrouded all our Munich dead
    Before their limbs grew stiff and cold
    Their heart’s blood dyed it’s ev’ry fold
    Then raise United’s banner high
    Beneath it’s shade we’ll live and die
    So keep the faith and never fear
    We’ll keep the Red Flag flying here
    We’ll never die, we’ll never die
    We’ll never die, we’ll never die
    We’ll keep the Red flag flying high
    ‘Cos Man United will never die

    There are few footballing chants more emotional than "We'll Never Die."

    The lyrics were written to commemorate the tragic passing of the Busby Babes in 1958 and Manchester United's subsequent rebuild under Matt Busby over the following 10 years.

    Only this past weekend did the fans at Old Trafford unveil a giant banner with the words "we'll never die" sprawled across it.

    As long as the club survives, those who perished in the Munich air disaster will never be forgotten.

He Came from Uruguay

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    Diego Forlan
    Diego Forlan
    He came from Uruguay
    He made the Scousers cry

    A personal favourite of mine mostly due to the fact I've always had a soft spot for former Red, Diego Forlan.

    The Uruguayan is considered a flop by most for his less-than prolific goal-scoring rate while at Old Trafford, but for his efforts in one particular match, a legendary chant was born.

    Striking twice to down Liverpool in a crucial 2002/03 game at Anfield, he instantly earned cult status.

    Despite 10 years having passed since the victory, and Forlan being long gone, one can still hear the song being sung by the Old Trafford faithful today.

United Road

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    Take Me Home, United Road
    To The Place I Belong
    To Old Trafford
    To See United
    Take Me Home, United Road

    Some find this bouncy tune annoying, but that hasn't stopped it from enduring and currently being one of the most popular songs heard at Old Trafford.

    Set to the tune of John Denver's "Country Roads," "United Road" is a celebration of Manchester United's home ground and their excellent record on it.

    Despite being a rather sentimental chant, it is one which successfully evokes the fans' passion... and isn't that all one can ask for?

Ooh Aah Cantona

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    Ooh Aah, Ooh Aah, Ooh Aah
    Ooh Aah Cantona
    Ooh Aah, Ooh Aah, Ooh Aah
    Ooh Aah Cantona

    Even though my memories are vague, I consider myself very lucky indeed to have seen Eric Cantona in action for Manchester United.

    My first football game was an away trip to Selhurst Park to see the Red Devils take on Wimbledon, as the club now referred to as the "MK Dons" was known then.

    Cantona opened the scoring, and Dennis Irwin doubled the lead before David Beckham struck a fairly decent shot from the halfway line to complete a 3-0 win for his team in stoppage time.

    The clearest memory I do have from the game? Singing along to "Ooh Aah Cantona" with the visiting support.


    What other chants might you include in a "best of" list?