Tim Tebow Deserves to Be a Starting Quarterback Next Season

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 14, 2013


The NFL is a league of second chances. When it comes to football, winning is the ultimate goal of owners, general managers and head coaches alike. Regardless of a player's past, he will find himself a job if he can help his team win.

Apparently this logic doesn't apply to Tim Tebow, which is absolutely absurd.

Tebow isn't your classic second-chance candidate. There isn't a spotty criminal history to speak of in his past. Tebow isn't a prima donna or locker room cancer. He doesn't have a bad case of the injury bug and he isn't demanding ludicrous amounts of money.

In fact, Tebow is quite the opposite of those things. He is a humanitarian. As we all know, he is also a man of faith. Tebow is an exceptional athlete that is dedicated and hard working. Most importantly, he is a winner.

Despite all of those things, it's not a stretch to think that he might be out of the league come September.

Tebow has started 14 games in the NFL, compiling a record of 8-6. His body of work may not be that large, but that's not his fault. When it comes to being a starting quarterback in the NFL, Tebow has a winning record. On top of that, he is also 1-1 in the playoffs.

According to Pro-Football-Reference.com Tebow throws an interception 2.5 percent of the time when he attempts a pass. Mark Sanchez throws an interception 3.7 percent of the time when he attempts a pass. Of the other 31 starting quarterbacks in the league, only seven of them have a lower percentage than Tebow does.

So the man wins games and doesn't turn the ball over.

Tebow is also clutch. Of his eight career wins, six of them involved fourth-quarter comebacks. In each of those six comebacks, Tebow orchestrated game-winning drives. This ratio does not include the game-winning drive that took place in his playoff win overt the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011, it ended a streak of five consecutive seasons without making the postseason. Since winning the Super Bowl in 1998, the Denver Broncos have only won two playoff games. Tebow is responsible for half of the Broncos' playoff wins in the last 13 years. This past season Peyton Manning couldn't even manage to get the Broncos a playoff win.

In 2012 the NFL was taken over by the read-option and the pistol. The trend moving forward for the time being is having a system where your quarterback can run.

Last time that I checked, this was right up Tebow's alley. In his 14 career starts, Tebow is averaging 5.5 yards a carry and has 12 rushing touchdowns. To draw a comparison, Russell Wilson averaged 5.9 yards a carry this past season.

If the NFL is going to go through a read-option phase, Tebow should without question have a starting job. This is the same style of offense that Tebow ran in college when he was a part of two national championship teams. Tebow also ran a similar style of offense in 2011, when he had success with the Broncos.

Through 14 career starts Tebow has done more than enough to prove his worth as a starting quarterback. The only thing missing from this recipe is opportunity. Tebow will never be in the class of a Brady, Manning, Rodgers or Brees. He is never going to be a prolific pocket passer, and that is quite alright.

Tebow doesn't have to be these things because he has proven that he can be a winner by being himself. Excluding the New York Jets (who in all honesty never gave Tebow any chance to have success), Tebow has found success each time he has been given a fair opportunity. The strengths and abilities that Tebow brings to the table can and have worked in the NFL.

I just hope that moving forward, someone gives him the chance that he has earned and deserves.