JaVale McGee Wows Brooklyn With Oop Airmailed from the Bronx

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JaVale McGee and Andre Miller connected for a ridiculous three-quarter court alley-oop on Wednesday against the Brooklyn Nets, and really, none of us should be surprised by the play.

If you were drawing up an optimal alley-oop combo, you'd almost certainly have McGee and Miller on your short list. The impossibly long McGee has the ability to corral lobs when they're nowhere near the rim. Fortunately with Miller, regarded as the NBA's very best lob-thrower, no such high-wire acrobatics were necessary.

Lots of things had to go right for the play to work out, though.

For starters, McGee had to make sure he was running downcourt in the correct direction. This hasn't always been easy for him. In this case, he got it right, sprinting down the floor as Jordan Hamilton tracked down the rebound.

Almost immediately upon getting the ball, Miller looked upcourt and apparently said, "screw it, he'll get it" before heaving a lob from the Nets' free-throw line.

McGee elevated, caught the ball in two hands and literally threw it through the net in one motion. It was a stunning play that required the pairing of one of the league's most mercurial players and one of its steadiest.

As spectacular as the lob and finish were, let's not assume McGee is suddenly a changed man. Just a few days ago, he showed everyone the more frustrating side of his mental game.

McGee may never leave behind his occasional lapses, but the Nuggets seem happy to take the good with the bad.

One thing's for sure, though, according to New Jersey Nets Buzz:

It's hard to argue with that.

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