Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2013: Biggest Surprises of New Edition

Justin OnslowContributor IIFebruary 13, 2013

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated
Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue may not have much to do with sports, but it’s been one of the most popular editions of any magazine since it was first released in 1964.

We’ve come to expect big things from the SI Swimsuit Issue, and this year’s edition is sure to deliver nothing short of the best.

There are several things that set this year’s issue apart from the rest, and we’ll take a look at a few of the biggest surprises.


Going Global

For the first time in its existence, the SI Swimsuit Issue features models being photographed on all seven continents (h/t

Shooting locations included Easter Island, the Bahamas, Namibia and Antarctica—the most interesting locale of all. Kate Upton drew the short straw for that location, but we’ll get to that.

According to the Associated Press, photo shoots for the newest swimsuit issue took seven months to complete. It’s hard to imagine putting in so much work to piece together one magazine edition, but it speaks to the truly massive nature of the SI Swimsuit Issue.


Kate Upton Gets Frigid

Upton adorns the cover of the swimsuit issue for the second-straight year, and there’s little doubt she was the perfect person for the honor. Upton is one of the most recognizable women on the planet, and she does her job well.

According to a report from Reuters, Upton’s shoot in Antarctica wasn’t exactly a cozy experience:

“It was freezing. I'm from Florida, so it wasn't easy for me. When I came back, I was losing my hearing and eyesight. My body was shutting down because it was working so hard to keep me warm.”

It’s hard to imagine spending almost a week wearing little else than a bikini in an area where wind chills reached negative 20 degrees (h/t Reuters). She didn’t complain, though, and we’re all thankful she stuck with it.


A Meteoric Rise

Sports Illustrated wasted little time taking advantage of the Katherine Webb craze.

The former Miss Alabama USA stole the spotlight during the BCS National Championship Game on January 7. She became an instant celebrity, and she’s now a big part of the SI Swimsuit Issue.

Webb’s fame and popularity continue to grow, and she’s taking full advantage of it. We’re all very appreciative.