Latest Salary Cap Breakdown for the New York Jets

Ryan AlfieriCorrespondent IIIFebruary 14, 2013

Latest Salary Cap Breakdown for the New York Jets

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    With a new general manager in place, the stage is set for a massive roster overhaul for a team that hardly looked NFL-worthy at times during the 2012 season. 

    At first glance, it would seem like the Jets are in a cap situation that will hold the franchise back for several years. However, a handful of calculated moves could rectify the Jets' cap mess and get this troubled franchise back to its winning ways under Rex Ryan

    The following slides will break down the cap situation for each position and discuss how (or if) each position should be addressed in the coming months. 

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    Mark Sanchez:

    Cap Value: $12,853,125
    Dead Money if Cut: $17,153,125

    Tim Tebow

    Cap Value: $2,586,875
    Dead Money if Cut: $1,531,875

    Greg McElroy:

    Cap Value: $571,288
    Dead Money if Cut: $32,576

    Matt Simms:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0 

    Total: $16,416,288

    Key FAs: None


    Just about the only sure thing about this group is that Greg McElroy will likely be retained as the third-string quarterback.

    Mark Sanchez's massive cap hit will keep him on the team for 2013. However, look for the Jets to do everything they can to find competition for Sanchez through either free agency, trade or in the draft. Taking a quarterback with their first pick is certainly in the realm of possibility, or at least a second-round pick on a player like Zac Dysert. 

    Meanwhile, Tim Tebow has been the subject of trade rumors, but the Jets have not decided whether or not they will release him if he cannot be moved via trade. Assuming he is not on the roster in 2013, his spot will be replaced with either Mark Sanchez or the player brought in to compete with Sanchez for the starting job. 

    Until then, this fixing this position remains as the top priority for the Jets as they head into this offseason. 

Running Backs

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    Bilal Powell:

    Cap Value:$655,125
    Dead Money if Cut: $200,250

    Joe McKnight:

    Cap Value: $755,250
    Dead Money if Cut: $125,250

    John Griffin:

    Cap Value:$405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Total: $1,815,375

    Key FAs: Shonn Greene


    This position is not considered a strength of the roster by any means, but the Jets are not losing a lot in terms of value either. For just under $2 million, the Jets have three running backs, two with extensive game experience. 

    The missing man here is former starter Shonn Greene, who is unlikely to re-sign because of his limited versatility in the passing game. Plus, the fact that the new GM has no ties for a player the Jets traded up for in the 2009 draft does not bode well for Greene to stay in New York. 

    Powell flashed starting ability in 2012 and is a well-rounded runner, but he has yet to prove that he can be anything more than a complementary back at this point.

    Look for the Jets to address this position with a mid-round pick. This draft has plenty of talented runners in the middle rounds that could give the Jets the one-two punch Rex Ryan favors, as the coaching staff has yet to show much confidence in Joe McKnight. 

Wide Receivers

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    Santonio Holmes:

    Cap Value: $12,500,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $11,250,000

    Stephen Hill:

    Cap Value: $1,070,988
    Dead Money if Cut: $1,954,570 

    Jeremy Kerley:

    Cap Value: $601,062
    Dead Money if Cut: $92,126

    Royce Adams:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Emmanuel Arceneaux:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    JoJo Dickson:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Royce Pollard:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Titus Ryan:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Ryan Collins:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Vidal Hazelton:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Total: $17,007,050

    Key FAs: Braylon Edwards, Clyde Gates, Chaz Schilens


    Most, if not all of the players making the minimum will not make the final cuts in August, so the total cap number is a bit inflated. 

    This is a very top-heavy group, with Holmes making almost as much as anyone on the team and Jeremy Kerley, arguably the team's most explosive player in 2012, making slightly more than the minimum and providing one of the best bargains in the NFL.

    Like him or not, Holmes' on-field talent is worth the $12.5 million he will get in 2013 and is a legitimate No. 1 target. The big question mark is at the opposite outside receiver position, where Stephen Hill has been slow to develop into a starter. 

    The Jets could certainly target a receiver in the middle-to-late rounds, and there is also the possibility of bringing back Braylon Edwards. Depth was a huge issue for this group last year, so expect plenty of turnover behind the top three players on the depth chart. 

Tight Ends

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    Josh Baker:

    Cap Value: $555,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Konrad Reuland:

    Cap Value: $480,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Hayden Smith:

    Cap Value: $480,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Total: $1,515,000

    Key FAs: Dustin Keller, Jeff Cumberland


    Both of the team's top two tight ends could possibly leave in free agency, which puts the Jets in quite a bind if they are unable to retain either Keller or Cumberland. 

    Keller may be the team's top free agent, and he should command significant interest in the open market. However, coming off a season in which he missed half of the season from hamstring and ankle injuries, the Jets may be able to get him at a bit of a discount. 

    Otherwise, this position immediately becomes one of the top needs on the team, and using a second- or third-round pick on the position should be highly considered. 

Offensive Line

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    Nick Mangold:

    Cap Value: $9,117,100
    Dead Money if Cut: $9,021,300

    D'Brickashaw Ferguson:

    Cap Value: $10,716,666
    Dead Money if Cut: $17,850,002

    Jason Smith:

    Cap Value: $12,000,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Vladimir Ducasse:

    Cap Value: $886,250
    Dead Money if Cut: $666,250

    Caleb Schlauderhaff:

    Cap Value: $555,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Travis Tripuka:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0 

    Total: $33,680,016

    Key FAs:
    Brandon Moore, Matt Slauson, Austin Howard 


    One of the first moves the Jets will make is to unload Jason Smith, which will clear the team a much-needed $12 million in space with no cap penalties attached. 

    From there, the Jets have some key decisions to make on their three free agents. Retaining Austin Howard should be the priority simply because of the position he plays at tackle. From there, the Jets may have to choose between the veteran leader in Brandon Moore and the up-and-coming youngster in Matt Slauson. 

    Based on the fact that Vladimir Ducasse rotated in with Slauson during the season without producing disastrous results, it appears as if the team is ready to move forward without Slauson. 

    In either case, adding an offensive lineman in the draft to at least provide further depth should be a priority. 

Defensive Line

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    Sione Pouha:

    Cap Value: $6,166,666
    Dead Money if Cut: $2,333,334 

    Muhammad Wilkerson:

    Cap Value: $1,875,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $2,750,000

    Quinton Coples:

    Cap Value: $2,000,635
    Dead Money if Cut: $7,127,286

    Kenrick Ellis:

    Cap Value: $707,500
    Dead Money if Cut: $225,000

    Damon Harrison:

    Cap Value: $482,333
    Dead Money if Cut: $4,667

    Tevita Fineu:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Claude Davis:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Total: $12,042,134

    Key FAs: Mike DeVito


    Based on talent, youth and affordability, there is no position on the roster in better shape than the defensive line. 

    The biggest decision the Jets have to make is whether or not they will keep Mike DeVito, a pending free agent. DeVito is not the most dynamic player on the roster and the Jets did draft Quinton Coples in last year's first round, but he is a terrific run stopper and one of the best leaders on the team. 

    If DeVito does walk, the Jets should still be content with their current depth as it stands and have more pressing issues to address in the draft and free agency.


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    David Harris:

    Cap Value: $13,000,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $13,500,000 

    Calvin Pace:

    Cap Value: $11,573,335
    Dead Money if Cut: $3,013,335

    Garrett McIntyre:

    Cap Value: $2,000,635
    Dead Money if Cut: $7,127,286

    Bart Scott:

    Cap Value: $8,650,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $1,500,000

    Demario Davis:

    Cap Value: $664,490
    Dead Money if Cut: $433,470 

    Nick Bellore:

    Cap Value: $557,334
    Dead Money if Cut: $2,334

    Danny Lansanah:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Total: $36,186,384

    Key FAs: Bryan Thomas


    This is a position that is sure to undergo plenty of turnover, with David Harris as the only starter assumed to return to his starting role. 

    Bart Scott and Calvin Pace already have one foot out the door; their release is just a matter of time. Releasing Pace, Scott, and Jason Smith will get the Jets out of their daunting cap situation.

    With Bryan Thomas unlikely at return at the other outside linebacker position, this leaves two outside linebacker spots wide open. Look for the Jets to strongly consider taking a linebacker with their first-round pick and look for further upgrades in free agency.

    Bart Scott will be replaced by last year's third-round pick, Demario Davis:  

    What if they draft Te'o? RT @mmehtanydn: DeMario Davis will be the Jets starting ILB alongside David Harris next season. #nyj

    — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) February 7, 2013

Defensive Backs

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    Darrelle Revis:

    Cap Value: $9,000,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $12,000,000

    Antonio Cromartie:

    Cap Value:$10,750,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $9,500,000

    Kyle Wilson:

    Cap Value: $2,010,400
    Dead Money if Cut: $2,194,800

    Eric Smith:

    Cap Value: $3,000,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Josh Bush:

    Cap Value: $506,055
    Dead Money if Cut: $78,165

    Aaron Berry:

    Cap Value: $700,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Kyle Wilson:

    Cap Value: $2,010,400
    Dead Money if Cut: $2,194,800

    Ellis Lankster:

    Cap Value: $655,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Darrin Walls:

    Cap Value: $555,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Cliff Harris:

    Cap Value: $405,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Total: $29,591,855

    Key FAs: Yeremiah Bell, LaRon Landry


    The biggest story of this Jets offseason will be the drama surrounding Darrelle Revis and whether the team will ultimately go through with trading their best player. 

    With the combination of an ACL tear and a history of holdouts, trading Darrelle Revis has more layers of drama than an episode of General Hospital. The Jets are going to want maximum value for their prized defender, and there are not many teams willing to take a huge gamble on a player who may never be the same player again. 

    For now, assuming Revis is healthy and on the team in 2013, the attention turns to the safety position, where both veterans LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell are free agents. It appears as if Landry is unlikely to be within the Jets price range and Bell will be 35 years old on March 3rd. 

    There is also the possibility that Eric Smith will be a cap casualty, creating three holes at the safety position. The Jets may opt to simply play Josh Bush and Antonio Allen in their place, but using such young players at the last line of defense is a risky proposition.

    Look for the Jets to target a low-end free agent or use a draft pick to at least add depth to the position, especially if neither Smith nor Bell are retained. 


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    Robert Malone (punter): 

    Cap Value: $555,000
    Dead Money if Cut: $0

    Total: $555,000

    Key FAs: Nick Folk (K), Tanner Purdum (LS)


    The Jets should not overpay to retain Folk (and certainly not Purdum), but they likely want both of them back as they are coming off strong seasons.

    If another team is willing to pay more than the minimum salary for Folk, the Jets should move on with another kicker and use their money on a more valuable position. 


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    So, where does this leave the Jets?

    As it stands right now, the Jets total cap number is $147,453,761, with the salary cap expected to be somewhere just about the $120 million mark. 

    Simple math says the Jets are in major cap trouble, but a handful of cuts to overpriced veterans—including Bart Scott, Jason Smith, Calvin Pace and Eric Smith—should bring the Jets down about $30 million dollars. 

    Still, when factoring in the amount of money it will take to pay for draft picks, the Jets are still going to be highly restricted when signing free agents this spring. New GM John Idzik has to work some cap magic to free up some much-needed space to prevent the Jets from taking another step backwards in 2013.