High School Hockey Goalie Scores Own Goal and Heroically Flips Off Coach

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 13, 2013

If only he had a microphone to drop on the ice as he walked away amid cheers. 

Yahoo! Sports reports on the rare moment a teenage athlete who considered showing up his coach and actually did. 

The video itself is fairly easy to explain. Farmington goaltender Austin Krause skates the puck out from behind the net and into the goal. 

That would be enough to make a statement, but this kid wants to go out with a statement the entire Internet can hear, so he flips off his coach and salutes.

That's when he skates off while the crowd remains silent for a single second as they try to process the amazing images rattling around in their collective noggins. 

Then bedlam. 

If you are looking for answers as to what would make a high school player do something so awful to his coach, good luck. The report does hear some scuttlebutt of what it could be though. 

The rumour, according to Minnesota high school hockey blog Follow the Puck, is that it was an ill-conceived protest over playing time. Krause, a senior, had been warming the bench while sophomore Gage Overby started in his place. (The last time Chaska and Farmington met, Overby got the start and posted a shutout.) But when he got the start—on senior night no less—because of an injury to the sophomore, he decided to take his revenge.

I have a far more simple answer. The kid is a teenager. 

I would like all of you to remember the days you were embroiled in adolescence. Yes, the entire world was against you, everyone else was far more stupid than you and damn you, acne!!!

The most awkward stage in human development is also that special time when adults seem to know the least, at least in your teenage eyes. 

So, we understand how a kid being benched would dedicate his entire season to plotting and waiting until that beautiful moment when he would go out like the in the final scene of Young Guns

I don't condone teenage retribution, but I understand it. 

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