Debate: Who Would You Rather Have in Cleveland, Wallace or Welker?

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Debate: Who Would You Rather Have in Cleveland, Wallace or Welker?
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With rumors swirling that the Browns could be in play for WR Mike Wallace, would you rather have Wallace or Wes Welker in Cleveland?


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Personally I would prefer Welker because I think he will bring in a better attitude and veteran leadership our receiving core needs. I would be happy...
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Wallace please. He's better in all aspects. Burns corners, doesn't drop passes, much better size, and most of all he's younger. Sure Wallace will be m...
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Why is it just between these two? What about harvin, or Cruz. How about Cleveland takes the best deal to where they can still afford a qb like smith o...
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For the money they both think they're worth???..... Neither!!! The Steelers and Patriots don't make to many bad moves so that should say something.
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Neither one. Welker is a product of Belichick and his scheme. Wallace also is the product of a system. The Browns have talent at WR. They have 3 secon...
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