The Rock Responds To Cena's Challenge!!

D ReynoldsCorrespondent IApril 8, 2009

We have all seen the media blitz that John Cena has been getting lately due to his new movie 12 Rounds coming out. I mentioned in an earlier article that Cena wanted to take on the "Great One" at Wrestlemania 26.

Cena isn't the only one with a movie premiere to attend though. Dwayne "Don't call him The Rock" Johnson was at the premiere of his new movie "Race to Witch Mountain" in the United Kingdom.

Our brothers at PiledriverWrestling caught up with the The Rock for an exclusive interview. After a long winded talk about our heavenly father, PW's reporters asked The Rock what he thought about John Cena wanting him in the ring at Mania 26.

See for yourself:

Did you see the seriousness on The Rock's face when he was being asked the question?

Dwayne Johnson did not want to answer that question nor did he want to hear it.

The Rock wanted no more of that interview after that question. He gives the uneasiest  laugh that I have ever heard and says "that's very funny, he's funny," then just walks away.

This idea of one more match is eating this guy up inside. That is entirely my opinion, but you saw the video yourself.

Cena, I want to tell you one thing; just keep chipping at this guy, eventually he is going break and he is going to give you your match.

It might even be as soon as Wrestlemania 26.