Why Jose Mourinho Should Be the Next Chelsea Manager

Greg Probert@@GregProbertFWContributor IIFebruary 13, 2013

Why Jose Mourinho Should Be the Next Chelsea Manager

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    Well, it looks as if Rafael Benitez has blown has chance to become the permanent Chelsea manager.

    The only way he was ever going to win over the Blues fans was through results, results which haven't materialised.

    This has fueled even more debate about who will be the next Chelsea boss, with the usual huge band of managers being tipped to take over the team.

    But one name that refuses to go away is Jose Mourinho.

    "The Special One" is always in the thoughts of Chelsea fans whenever there's a managerial change, but recent interviews have made a spectacular return look more likely than ever.

    Mourinho would definitely be a popular appointment, but here is why it would also be a wise move.

Popular with Fans

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    Jose Mourinho is by far the most popular manager Chelsea have had in recent years, and his sacking in 2007 still leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Chelsea fans.

    It wasn't just the results and trophies he delivered for the club, but his charisma and personality made it easy for him to endear himself to the supporters.

    Rafael Benitez has found that Chelsea fans can be an unforgiving bunch, and he is now facing an uphill struggle to win them over.

    This animosity towards Benitez looks to be having an impact on the squad, with too many points being dropped in home fixtures.

    But with Mourinho being so well thought of by everyone at Stamford Bridge, he won't have any problem getting the fans' full backing.

Knowledge of Chelsea

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    The Chelsea job is probably one of the most high-pressure managerial positions in world football today.

    The constant fear of Abramovich's axe being swung if results don't go your way must be a huge worry for any manager brave enough to become Chelsea boss.

    But Mourinho has been there before and knows how things work at Chelsea.

    Many experienced managers have fallen foul to a working environment that doesn't allow much of a "settling in period" and have found themselves on a slippery slope towards a sacking.

    Mourinho knows how the club works and all the pressure that comes with it, and he has the personality and confidence to not let it phase him and get on with his job.

Ability to Attract Players

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    Chelsea have never had much trouble with signing players.

    Their spending power and success provide an attractive proposition for the world's most exciting talent, and Stamford Bridge has seen some of the world's best players in the Abramovich era.

    But with both the Champions League and Premier League eluding the Blues this season, they may need an extra something to draw the top stars to West London in this summer transfer window.

    Jose Mourinho would provide that extra something.

    When Mourinho is at a club, it usually equals success, something that may help players choose a move to Chelsea ahead of their rivals.

    Add to this the relationship he still has with a lot of his ex-players, it shows that he has a good rapport with his playing staff, and all players like to play under a manager they respect and they can get along with.

Experience in English Football

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    Facing English football for the first time can be a daunting experience for even the most experienced of managers.

    The press are ruthless, the style of play is different from any other league and the demand for success from the top clubs is as high as any other league.

    So it was impressive when Mourinho strolled nonchalantly in to the Premier League and adapted to the lifestyle like he'd been there for years.

    The press love him, the fans love him and his managerial style works perfectly in England's top flight, so if he was to return to Chelsea, it would be like he never left.

Proven Success

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    It sounds obvious, but a successful manager should be the No. 1 criteria when searching for a new one.

    Chelsea have experimented in the past with inexperienced managers who haven't done very much at the top level, and it didn't work out for them.

    But with Mourinho, you know you are getting a successful manager with a winning mentality and a truck-load of medals to prove it.

    Chelsea fans will obviously remember his success at Stamford Bridge, where he lead the club to two consecutive league titles.

    But he has also had equally successful spells at two of Europe's other top leagues...oh and not forgetting his two Champions League winners' medals.