2013 Westminster Dog Show: Awesome Pups We'll Remember Most from Annual Pageant

Brian Leigh@@BLeighDATFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2013

Photo Credit: Westminster Kennel Club
Photo Credit: Westminster Kennel Club

It went as quickly as it came.

The 2013 Westminster Dog Show came to a close on Tuesday after two days of adorable competition. The winner was a seasoned vet of the competition named Banana Joe—a spunky affenpinscher with a unique countenance. 

Though only Joe came out on top, with one of the coolest events in sports—nay, the world—there are no real losers. At least among those of us who were wise enough to watch.

We won't soon be forgetting any of the 2,721 entrants, but here are three in particular who made a lasting impact:

Banana Joe

Breed: Affenpinscher

Gotta start with the Champ, right?

Even had he been bested for Best in Show at the 2013 pageant, Banana Joe had already sealed his fate as one of the sport's greatest competitors. The precious affenpinscher with the monkey-like face won best in breed for the third consecutive year on Monday.

But this year, fate was finally on Banana Joe's side. With a luscious, meticulously groomed coat supplementing his trademark stride, Joe was able to charm his way to the doggie world's most prestigious prize.

Joe is known for shaking his head so hard that he almost falls over. But in 2013, he almost made the judges fall out of his seats.

A well-earned title for a consummate professional. 


Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Like I imagine was the case with many of the snoody traditionalists at Westminster, I was initially turned off by Swagger's asinine name. But once I laid eyes on the jovial Old English Sheepdog, I was enamoured.

Swagger rocks a classic "shaggy dog" haircut, but he does so with an admirable sense of shamelessness. His eyes are seemingly submerged beneath the cloud-like mass of white fur, but his smile stands out before any background.

He pulled a major upset on Monday, winning the herding group of more experienced, exotic competitors like Puli, Beauceron and Canaan Dog. His particular breed, the Old English, hasn't found much success at Westminster in the past, but this one was awarded reserve best in show (or runner-up).

But then again—and I'm gonna hate myself for saying this—none of those dogs had quite as much swagger.


Breed: American Foxhound

The most memorable female of the week was Jewel, an intoxicating foxhound who—according to The Huffington Post—has a penchant for action and vanilla milkshakes.

Don't take her lightly because she's a girl, either. With long, muscular legs and a sometimes-dour disposition, my money would be on her over the top two finishers in an all-out brawl.

But that wouldn't befit Jewel, who's sweeter and smoother than her light-brown and black coat. She took home best in group honors for the hounds in a decision absolutely no one could take fault with.