Bray Wyatt: The Next Superstar WWE Should Bring Up from NXT

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 13, 2013

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Bray Wyatt should be next on WWE's list of NXT call-ups.

Wyatt can inject the company with sinister theater and a character that is one of the most engrossing in recent memory.

WWE has not been shy lately about promoting NXT up-and-comers to the main roster. The end of 2012 saw Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Big E Langston join the WWE ranks. Bo Dallas came next when he made his WWE debut at the 2013 Royal Rumble.

Dallas' brother is the best remaining option in NXT.

While Kassius Ohno is the best wrestler in NXT and Richie Steamboat is a better in-ring talent than Wyatt, the latter's persona though is so fascinating that it puts him above those guys.

Wyatt had a brief run in WWE as Husky Harris, a nondescript, forgettable character. He has since undergone a transformation that makes him doubly interesting.

Watch him in this slick, creepy promo before a match with Aiden English.

Wyatt comes off as part drunkard, part psychotic. He's a southern madman whose ramblings have a poetic flair.

He says, "I am not a man at all. I am the nagging conscience of a world that has thrown itself away to moral monsters. I am everywhere, man and I am everything."

It's as if someone infused Max Cady from Cape Fear with the priest from There Will Be Blood and Damien Sandow.

Wyatt showed only a glimpse of that potential when he did a promo as Husky Harris on NXT in 2010. He must have gotten comfortable over time, feeding on experience and digging into this disturbing character.

It's an inventive approach to presenting a man as a monster.

Usually WWE's monsters are loud, angry and violent, with all the subtlety of a battering ram. Wyatt's monster is the self-aware kind. He tells parents to "stop lying to their children and telling them that monsters aren't real."

Put Wyatt on the main roster and he's instantly among the best actors in WWE.

During his development with NXT, Wyatt has become the master of the monologue. Some wrestlers need a great partner or opponent to bring out their own best mic work.

Wyatt looks plenty comfortable alone.

In a NXT promo where he calls himself King of the Jungle, Wyatt gives fans a preview of what he could do in a Raw or SmackDown ring, backstage or otherwise.

Stick him with anyone on the roster and watch him shine. He brings a controlled but maniacal energy to this and other performances.

It's easy to imagine him facing off against WWE talent and building tension with whoever the company asks him to work with.

NXT houses a phenomenal talent and a character that begs to be on WWE TV. Paige, Steamboat and Ohno will all get their time.

Wyatt is blistering hot right now and WWE needs the touch of his flames.