Diamondbacks News: Doug Davis Diagnosed with Cancer

Nasser KompaniContributor IMarch 29, 2008

The Diamondbacks clubhouse became very gloomy on Friday. All the excitement for the season opener faded as they found out that teammate, Doug Davis, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The good news is that it is a more easily treated type of cancer and Davis may return to the team by season's end if all goes well. He will undergo surgery on April 10th after making his last start on the third. You really have to admire the man for still going out there and pitching after hearing such awful news.

The absence of Davis will cause the D-Backs some trouble this season. He is not a great pitcher by any means, but a good innings-eater. Having him out of the rotation means many more innings for the bullpen and the loss of a valuable southpaw. It will also mean Arizona needs to rely on Randy Johnson staying healthy even more now and that is not likely due to his age and severe back problems.

It seems this will bring Max Scherzer up to the bigs a little early and that will be exciting to see, but if the D-Backs have to put in three young, unproven pitchers in the rotation late into the season, the chances of returning deep into the playoffs are not good.

I send out my prayers to Davis and his family. May he return back to health and to the mound as quickly as possible.