25 College Football Players Who Talk the Most Trash

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2013

25 College Football Players Who Talk the Most Trash

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    Trash talking has long been a part of all sports, and while college trash talking is nowhere close to the level of the pros, there are some players who are not afraid to let loose.

    With the recent surge of social media and the way the refs are controlling the game, a lot of the trash talking has made its way onto social media as opposed to on the field. 

    Trash talking has been around for quite some time, and has certainly evolved over the years, but today it is more prevalent than ever.

    Here are 25 college football players who talk the most trash, whether it be on or off the field.

Missed It by a Year

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    Here are five players who would have been near the top of the list, but are a year removed from the college game .

    Tyrann Mathieu, Cornerback, LSU: Mathieu could talk a big game both on and off the field. Good thing for him he backed it up.

    Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Missouri: Who could forget the comments Richardson made about Georgia before the first SEC game for Missouri?

    Brad Wing, Punter, LSU: It is not often that a punter talks trash, but anybody who can punt like Wing might have earned the right to do so.

    Shawn Williams, Safety, Georgia: There are plenty of trash talkers in the SEC, but Williams was not afraid to go after his own team, calling the defense soft.

    Vance Williams, Linebacker, Florida State: Who can forget the trash talking before the Orange Bowl by Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch? Williams put him in his place after the game.

Denicos Allen, Linebacker, Michigan State

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    There is no question that Michigan State and Michigan are bitter rivals. It showed big time at the beginning of last season when Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson struggled mightily against Alabama in the season-opener.

    The Michigan State players were quick to go to the Twitter world to start talking trash about Robinson. After showing a little restraint, it was not long before they let it all out.

    One of those players was linebacker Denicos Allen. Allen among many other Michigan State players was not kind to Robinson on Twitter.

    Allen later apologized, but it was too little too late.

    The Wolverines got the last laugh however by defeating the Spartans 12-10.

Taylor Martinez, Nebraska, Quarterback

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    It is not often that quarterbacks talk trash, particularly after a game they lost, but that was the case for Nebraska signal-caller Taylor Martinez after Nebraska's 45-31 loss to Georgia in the Capital One Bowl.

    He was talking trash before the game as well in an interview with the Macon Telegraph, comparing the Georgia defense to those of the Big Ten.

    Even after the game, he was not going to back down from his comments. Too bad for Martinez that his team lost by two touchdowns to the Bulldogs.

Antone Exum, Cornerback, Virginia Tech

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    Antone Exum has a right to talk trash, as he is one of the best cover corners in the ACC.

    He will not back down from anybody on the field, and is also not afraid to talk a little game off the field.

    Exum might miss part of the 2013 season with a severe knee injury, but he will not have much trouble yelling at the opposing team from the sidelines.

Trey Milliard, Fullback, Oklahoma

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    Trey Millard is coming back for his senior season, and once again this year he will be considered one of the best trash talkers on the Oklahoma roster.

    He is a native of Missouri, but came to Oklahoma from a rival state. He is a guy who will always back his team. 

    Expect Millard to fill a much larger role next season with the Sooners.

AJ McCarron, Quarterback, Alabama

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    Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron does not seem like a trash talker, but when provoked, he is certainly not afraid to let loose.

    The biggest example is the Twitter war he had with former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. The two went back-and-forth over the summer arguing over which team would win their battle on Nov. 3.

    It was quite an interesting battle between the two. Too bad it never was able to happen on the field thanks to the departure of Mathieu from the LSU program.

Louis Nix, Defensive Tackle, Notre Dame

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    Louis Nix has a mean streak in him that makes him one of the best defensive players in college football.

    He is also one of the largest and most intimidating players in the entire sport at 6'3" and 326 pounds.

    Nix does most of his trash talking on the field and stays away from social media. One thing is for certain, nobody wants to be tackled by this guy or listen to him talk about it afterwards.

Jordan Lynch, Quarterback, Northern Illinois

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    There's nothing like a MAC team trash talking a team from the ACC before an Orange Bowl blowout.

    Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch did just that, and there is no question that it came back to bite him as the Huskies were blown out 31-10.

    Lynch did nothing but fire up the Florida State defense. They certainly made him pay for his trash talking before the game.

Ka'Deem Carey, Running Back, Arizona

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    Ka'Deem Carey is not only an excellent running back and an intense player on the field, but apparently he is also very intense off of it.

    Carey was recently kicked out of an Arizona Wildcats basketball game and has had some issues since the season ended.

    Talking trash on the football field is one thing, but talking trash to a cop is a whole different story for Carey.

Telvin Smith, Linebacker, Florida State

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    One of the players that Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch motivated with his words before the Orange Bowl was Florida State linebacker Telvin Smith.

    Smith was all over Lynch after the game, and perhaps one of those who was the motivated more than anybody by the words of Lynch.

    Unlike Lynch, Smith waited to do his trash talking until after the game. A much better way to go about things.

Muchie Legaux, Quarterback, Cincinnati

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    Munchie Legaux is a very talented quarterback with quite a skill set. Too bad for him, he was forced into a comment that made him look like one of the biggest trash talkers in college football.

    When asked, Legaux said he was better than Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Not exactly the smartest comment to make, particularly with the way Legaux played during the season before being benched.

    When pried, most quarterbacks would answer just the way Legaux did, but avoiding the question might have been the better way to handle this situation.

Lache Seastrunk, Running Back, Baylor

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    Before his Holiday Bowl game against UCLA, Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk tweeted that he would win the Heisman trophy in 2013.

    While Seastrunk certainly did not mean for that to be trash talk, the UCLA players took it with a little different perspective and used it as motivation.

    Too bad for the Bruins, because they were dominated by the Bears, and Seastrunk rushed for 138 yards on 16 carries with a touchdown.

C.J. Johnson, Linebacker, Ole Miss

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    When it comes to Twitter trash talkers in college football, there might not be one better than Ole Miss linebacker C.J. Johnson.

    Johnson had his Twitter account pulled by Ole Miss for information he should not have been posting.

    While he was not necessarily trash talking any particular individual, Johnson has also been known to get a little aggressive on Facebook, going after certain individuals who irritate him.

Jamal Lyles, Linebacker, Michigan State

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    Jamal Lyles has not seen action for the Michigan State Spartans so far in his career, but he was a player who should have kept his mouth shut when it came to Robinson.

    He was another of the Spartans players who tweeted just how bad Robinson was, while watching Alabama manhandle the Michigan quarterback.

    Too bad Robinson got the last laugh for the Wolverines in the head-to-head matchup.

Johnny Manziel, Quarterback, Texas A&M

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    Johnny Manziel is the one player on the list who can back up everything he says on the field as far as trash talking is concerned.

    As the reigning Heisman trophy winner, Manziel is not afraid to get in the ear of opposing defenses throughout the game.

    The Cotton Bowl was a perfect example of that, as Manziel did not back down from the Oklahoma defenders despite struggling in the first half.

    By the second half, those Oklahoma defenders were hearing it a lot from Manziel and Texas A&M.

Duke Johnson, Running Back, Miami

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    Duke Johnson was one of the best trash talkers in the ACC last season, and he was only a freshman.

    He was also one of the best freshmen on the field as well. Johnson's trash talk was mostly in good nature before the Hurricanes took on Florida State and his former high school teammate Xavier Rhodes.

    Johnson even got their old high school coach involved with the trash talking a little bit.

Jadeveon Clowney, Defensive End, South Carolina

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    Jadeveon Clowney is certainly a beast on the field, and does not need to do much trash talking to get his point across.

    Apparently off the field, that is a bit of a different story. LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger said Clowney and another player threatened him before their game this past season.

    The plan backfired as LSU pulled off the upset, winning 23-21 over the Gamecocks. Clowney was held in check with no sacks, as the entire South Carolina defense could only manage one in the game.

Ryan Shazier, Linebacker, Ohio State

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    Ryan Shazier is one of the most talented linebackers in the country and he wanted everybody to know it after the Ohio State Buckeyes finished the regular season with an undefeated record.

    He tweeted exactly what he felt and wanted all of the coaches in the Big Ten to know just how good he is going to be come 2013.

    There is nothing wrong with a little confidence and some trash talking in good fun every once in a while, right?

Trey Burton, Wide Receiver, Florida

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    Trey Burton is more than a wide receiver. He is also a running back, h-back, slot receiver and even a trash talker to go along with everything.

    Last year, Burton started some trash talk with LSU, not via Twitter of Facebook, but instead on Instagram.

    The picture is of Burton jumping over an LSU defender. The Gators backed it up by knocking off LSU on Oct. 6, but Burton only touched the ball three times for seven yards.

    This was not the first time it had happened for Burton, as he had a few comments about the LSU defense back in 2011.

David Gilbert, Defensive End, Wisconsin

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    David Gilbert is not shy about speaking his mind, even if it is at the expense of Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez.

    Martinez is on this list too so he is certainly not offended by the trash talking comments.

    Gilbert does not seem to like the way Martinez throws the ball and he spoke his mind to ESPNWisconsin.com, calling what Martinez does similar to "Skipping Rocks."

    Very interesting comments considering Martinez beat them a few days later. The Badgers got their revenge in the Big Ten championship game, however.

J.C. Copeland, Fullback, LSU

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    Not many people want to mess with a fullback and according to J.C. Copeland nobody on the Auburn Tigers did either.

    He did not have kind words to say about the Auburn defense after LSU dominated them 45-10 in 2011.

    That did work as motivation as Auburn almost pulled off the upset over LSU in 2012, falling 12-10 to the Tigers.

    Needless to say the Auburn defense was none too pleased with what Copeland had to say.

Ameer Abdullah, Running Back, Nebraska

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    Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah was another player on the Cornhuskers' roster who was not too impressed with Georgia, particularly the defense of the Bulldogs.

    Abdullah claimed Nebraska was the better team and did not back down from any of his comments after the game.

    One thing is for sure, these Cornhuskers are not afraid to talk a little trash, win or lose.

James Goyle, Defensive End, Virginia Tech

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    James Gayle is a defensive end who is not afraid of a little back-and-forth jawing. Similar to a lot of other players on the Hokies, particularly the defense, he has no problem speaking his mind both on and off the field. 

    He had no trouble talking trash to in-state rival Virginia before the two met last season, calling out the offensive linemen he might be going against via Twitter.

    When he gets on the field, it is much of the same. He loves to get in the head of opposing defenses and most of it is in good fun.

Blake Bell, Quarterback, Oklahoma

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    Blake Bell is a load to bring down, and he is also not afraid to let the defenders know after he runs over them.

    He will likely be taking over the starting quarterback job this season now that Landry Jones has moved on, and he is going to punish some opposing defenses.

    Known as the 'Belldozer', Bell will run over people and then tell them all about it afterwards.

Kenny Bell, Wide Receiver, Alabama

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    During the war between Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, Crimson Tide wide receiver Kenny Bell got involved and backed up his quarterback.

    Bell was a little more frank than McCarron and did what any good teammate would.

    Too bad he didn't back up his quarterback with his play on the field, as he failed to catch a pass against the Tigers.

Nick Hill, Running Back, Michigan State

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    Nick Hill is another of the few players who had something to say about Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson at the beginning of the 2012 season.

    Like other Michigan State players on the list, he did not have any kind words to say about Robinson during the Michigan-Alabama game. 

    Robinson had the last laugh however as his Wolverines knocked off the Spartans 12-10.