Allen Iverson: He Tried

Ray StoneCorrespondent IApril 7, 2009

SHANGHAI, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 25: (CHINA OUT) NBA star Allen Iverson of USA attends an event at Shanghai Stadium on September 25, 2005 in Shanghai, China. Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson is visiting Shanghai as the last leg of his Asia Tour which lasts from September 21 to 26. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Yeah, it would have been nice if he had stuck with it for at least 10 games, instead of just a few. I am not surprised in the least that an Allen Iverson finds it unbearable to be a substitute in this league.

He did give it a shot — albeit a small one.  I thought that was admirable itself.

I’ve stated it in previous articles, if Isiah Thomas was asked to come off of the Pistons bench, at the same stage of his career, he would have done the same thing AI did,or worse.

Any career starter, especially a Hall of Fame player, would have a damned hard time accepting a bench role in the league.


I don’t see why people can’t understand that!  Name me one HOFer that would come off  the bench.  

How can you not have an ego?  It’s more about respect for the body of work you have put together as a professional athlete.   

People love to hate Allen Iverson, but how can you really blame him?

First of all, the Pistons have a rookie coach who has done absolutely nothing.  You can’t point to one thing that the team does differently this year that comes from Curry’s staff. 


Except lose. 

I haven’t seen any new schemes or strategies yet.  He does use the bench players well, but even that is really sporadic. 

Perhaps a more seasoned coach can find ways to build chemistry and bond the team.

Lets face it, MC was clearly in over his head the second Chauncey Billups was sent packing. Joe D took a gamble. 

It could have worked well; I was thrilled about the trade on paper.  It just didn’t pan out.

But that’s cool for the Pistons.  They have the coveted cap space they wanted and sit in good financial situation for the next few years. 

I still find it real for Iverson to say he tried it and he can’t handle playing from the bench.  I can accept that. He knew his understandable frustration would do more harm than good down the stretch for the team. 

Rather than cause any more drama, I think he did make the decision that gave the team the best chance to win. He left. 

Sometimes in a bad marriage, a break up is best for both parties.  Allen Iverson and the Pistons is one of those relationships unfortunately. 

But hey, no love lost.  I don’t think anyone is necessarily to blame. 

No bad guys here.  Iverson is no team killer and all that though, the team brought him here, not vice versa.

It just didn’t work out.  That’s all.