The Babe Ruth of Football

Elizabeth TContributor IApril 7, 2009

Baseball has Babe Ruth. Basketball has Michael Jordan. Hockey has Wayne Gretzky. Boxing has Ali.

They are stars who defined the sport they played and made it what it is today.

No one would argue against these guys, but what about football? It is not so simple when discussing the definitive player for pro football.

I had a discussion about this with my friend the other day and we couldn't agree on a player. He had his guys. I had mine. But when it came to narrowing it down to a single player, we just couldn't come to an agreement.

There are so many guys that you can make a case for. I did mention Joe Namath but quickly dismissed the idea. He may have been one of the first true superstars of the league but as far as talent goes, there are far more superior players.

There's Johnny Unitas, Walter Payton a.k.a. Sweetness, Joe Montana, Sammy Baugh, and Lawrence Taylor (the original LT). And the list goes on.

If I'm picking the Babe Ruth of football, I would have to go with Jim Brown. He may have only played nine seasons but his legacy is everlasting. Eight of those nine seasons, he led the League in rushing. Jim Brown was not only the best RB the game has seen. He is the best player the game has seen.

So that's my pick. But that's the thing: It's only MY pick. Everyone will have their own opinion.