NBA Trade Rumors: Teams That Need to Avoid Deadline Deals

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NBA Trade Rumors: Teams That Need to Avoid Deadline Deals
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February 21 looms ahead, and the rumor mill is about to explode. While some teams are frantically trying to make deals before the deadline arrives, there are others who are staying away—for good reason.

For some, this is the worst time to shake up the roster and disrupt any amount of chemistry they have. For others, making a trade now would have little effect on the remainder of the season.

There are two teams that need to avoid these deals like the plague.

Who better to start with than the L.A. Lakers?

Talk of getting Dwight Howard out of L.A. has been circulating for awhile now. His poor performance this season has only stirred the pot. The latest in the Howard saga is a possible trade to the Atlanta Hawks, according to IBT. However, Chris Broussard of ESPN reports that Howard has "little interest" in playing for Atlanta.

Howard will be a free-agent at the end of the season. The Lakers are determined to make him the future of the franchise, and Howard seems to want to stick it out in L.A. Why trade the man you are set on being the face of your franchise?

The Lakers need to back away from any trade deals, especially for Dwight Howard. It's apparent that the Lakers will not be making it to the postseason. With Pau Gasol's latest injury and chemistry woes, a trade would do nothing but heighten the problems.


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Trading Howard now would have no immediate effect on their season. The chemistry of the team has been harped on from day one and trading Howard would demolish what little chemistry they had in the first place.

The end of the season may have different implications, but for now, a trade is not the best idea for the Lakers.

Another team that should brush off the deadline is the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are currently on a roll, which is remarkable due to Rajon Rondo's season-ending injury.

Rumors around the league circulated that Boston would completely rebuild their team. However, the Celtics have resurged despite Rondo's absence. They have been playing as a team and defending more effectively.

Surely the Celtics wouldn't want to disrupt that. They are in a position to make it to the postseason, and with the way they're playing, a trade isn't necessary. As long as they continue to play at their best, the Celtics shouldn't worry about this deadline.

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