CM Punk's Road back to the Top is Not in Sight

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistFebruary 16, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

CM Punk is set to go up against the Rock at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday.

His road back to the top of the WWE, though, is not in sight.

Punk should be considered one of the top wrestlers in the business—after all, he had the longest title reign in 25 years—but to be the top guy in the company, he needs to hold the WWE Championship.

With WrestleMania 29 plans already scheduled, and a main event revolving around the WWE Championship which does not involve Punk, his climb back to the top as champion is unclear.

To make matters even worse, Punk was originally scheduled to go against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 29.

However, the Dead Man is supposedly still going back and forth about the decision to even work a match at 'Mania.

What will the WWE do with Punk if Taker decides not to compete? Will they throw him in the main event, or put him up against a wrestler like Ryback?

And even if Taker goes through with the match at 'Mania, where will Punk go after that?  The Undertaker will disappear as usual, but what will Punk do once WrestleMania 29 is over?


The WrestleMania Problem

The main event for WrestleMania 29 is set: John Cena will be facing the Rock for the WWE Championship.

And while not everyone will be happy with that match, it's what the WWE planned, and unfortunately, Punk doesn't seem to be part of those plans.

After his match with the Rock at the Elimination Chamber PPV, when will Punk be placed around the championship again?

Punk still has a big match of his own in the works against the Undertaker. But, with rumors that Taker might not compete at WrestleMania, he might lose out on his big match.

If his match does fall through, the WWE could always throw him in the main event and make it a triple threat match for the title, but Cena will more than likely walk away with the title whether Punk is in the match or not.

The WWE always has another choice, and that would be to place Punk against a wrestler like Ryback, but who would honestly want to see those two wrestlers battle it out again?

Punk might be on the top right now, especially since he's going up against the Rock once again, but when it ends, and if the Rock retains the championship, where will Punk go as the road to WrestleMania continues?


After 'Mania

Regardless of what the WWE plans to do with Punk, the real question remains: Where will Punk go once WrestleMania is finished?

If he goes up against the Dead Man, their match will more than likely be a one-and-done scenario, since that has been what Undertaker has been doing for the last couple of years.

If the WWE decides to put Punk in a match against a wrestler like Ryback, it’s doubtful their feud will last longer than WrestlerMania since their match would be a filler to replace the original plans for Punk.

The WWE probably won’t put Punk back in the title spotlight once WrestleMania ends. More than likely, Cena will hold the title for a while if, or when he does, win it.

And why would the WWE jump so quickly to throw Punk and Cena into a feud? There will be other heels for Cena to defend his title against, and as long as he holds the championship his path will revolve around it.

Punk, though, doesn't seem to have a way back to the top even after WrestleMania ends.

He could always end up taking time off, especially since he was injured by the Miz at a recent house show, and now he might be working through an injury because it's WrestleMania season.

Regardless, the plans for Punk after ‘Mania aren’t clear, so it’s unlikely he will make it back to the top anytime soon.


Still A Little Foggy

Punk is clearly on top right now in the WWE. With his match against the Rock at the Elimination Chamber PPV just days away, Punk is still part of the main event scene.

However, when Elimination Chamber PPV ends, where will Punk go? Will his match with the Undertaker happen at WrestleMania 29 or will he be thrown into another direction?

Even if 'Mania goes according to plan, there's no way of telling where Punk will go once it ends.

If Punk falls from the top of the WWE after his match with the Rock on Sunday, his road back is not in sight. With WrestleMania plans still on the fence, and the face of the company scheduled to get the championship back, it could be awhile before Punk is back on top in the WWE.


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