WWE News: Zack Ryder 'Coughing Up Blood' After Match with Swagger

Gone Baby GoneContributerFebruary 12, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, if you thought it was easy being a pro wrestler, think again.

Even though the matches are scripted, there is still a physical element that is real and goes beyond anything that can be written on paper.

In fact, many times, wrestlers find themselves either injured or in severe pain after they perform.

Yet, for some reason, they keep getting up and coming back for more. Apparently, Zack Ryder is no different, as he was left coughing up blood after his match with Jack Swagger Monday night.

Ryder took to Twitter Tuesday morning and talked about his status:

Ultimately, I wonder where Swagger injured him, that forced internal bleeding. Granted, Ryder isn't the first and won't be the last wrestler to suffer internal bleeding. Even The Rock has suffered a similar fate after a recent spot with The Shield in January.

The fact is, pro wrestling is a tough sport, filled with guys that will do anything to keep their spot and others that are willing to do the same to get noticed.

For the most part, these injuries are accidental and are caused by either a missed spot or someone working too aggressively. 

That being said, Ryder's injury was probably caused due to Swagger's new, more intense ring style. In case you haven't noticed, Swagger has transitioned into a tough-nosed character that looks to wrestle more stiffly then he has in recent years.

Fortunately, Swagger is a solid performer who has yet to seriously injure anyone. So, even if he continues with this intensity, he will still do his best to work safe.

In the end, I am hopeful that Ryder's blood situation has leveled out and he can continue on about his day.