Who Would Win a Golden State Warriors-Only Slam Dunk Contest?

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2013

December 21, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors small forward Harrison Barnes (40) goes up for a dunk during the fourth quarter against the Charlotte Bobcats at ORACLE Arena. The Warriors defeated the Bobcats 115-100. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

NBA All-Star Weekend is here!

The most exciting part of the event has always been the Slam Dunk Contest. Well, when the top dunkers in the league participate anyway. 

Looking forward to Saturday got me to thinking—what if the Golden State Warriors held a team dunk competition? Who would win?

If we take the whole team, minus Brandon Rush, who would have been a favorite (see below), that leaves us with 14 entrants. With the rest of the healthy roster let’s see who would win in a team held slam-dunk contest.

Here is the breakdown:

14 entrants.

Six eliminated in the first round.

Four eliminated in the second round.

Two eliminated in the third round, leaving two in the championship round.


One-and-Done Players

Andrew Bogut: Bogut has been a welcomed addition to the Warriors’ rotation—for every other game. But after watching him the last few games it’s easy to see that he is not completely healthy.

After storming back into the lineup, lately he looks beaten up. It’s fairly possible that with the way he has been maneuvering, he might not be able to dunk the basketball at all right now. So whatever kind of dunk he would be able to muster up would not likely get him out of the first round.

Andris Biedrins: Give him this. He is contributing to the team this season. But to pick him for anything in this contest, it would be for the one who failed to make an attempt.

David Lee: If this were a creative layup contest Lee would have a great shot at winning. But it’s not, and he’s not advancing.

Stephen Curry: If the Warriors were to hold this dunk contest they shouldn’t want him or his tender ankles anywhere near it. He’s watching this contest. Plus, he probably wouldn’t win it anyway.

Charles Jenkins: I gave myself 20 minutes to find a YouTube clip with him dunking. Couldn’t do it. I’m sure he could come up with something, but likely not enough to advance.


Second-Round Exits

Jarrett Jack: It has been a while since Jack has thrown down a memorable dunk. With the way he can attack the rim and creatively get layups to drop, he should be able to come up with a dunk that gets him out of the first round. But not any further.

Draymond Green: No doubt Green would be the one of the most powerful dunkers in this competition. That alone would be enough to get him out of the first round. But a lack of artistic flair wouldn’t allow him to get out of the second round.

Festus Ezeli: No doubt he would be able to throw the ball off the backboard and slam one home to get out of the first round.

But asking him to do anything more creative than that is likely asking too much. He’s survived round one, but that’s it.

Carl Landry: Landry can still get up.

He definitely has the strength and power to get out of the first round. The slap of the backboard shows a little pizzazz, but not enough to keep up with the four that advance.

Klay Thompson: Look what he is capable of.

Where has this guy been? We know he can shoot, and yes, this is against college kids, but how about taking the ball to the rim more often? Clips like this show that he would be able to be a strong contender in this competition, but not better than the top four participants.


First Two out of the Final Four

Richard Jefferson: Sure to be a crowd favorite as the elder statesmen on the team, Jefferson wouldn’t have made it this far unless he pulled off one of the best dunks on the team this season.

He’s still got it.

A couple dunks like that allow him to advance, but the fact that this clip looks like is it in slow-motion keeps him out of the finals.

Kent Bazemore: Here is a college highlight of Bazemore.

He has the hops to make it to the final four. But after watching his celebrations at the end of the bench you’d think he would come up with more than the two-handed slam if he were able to. He likely has enough to make it this far, but not into the finals.


The Championship: Jeremy Tyler vs. Harrison Barnes

Amazing. That’s what Tyler’s dunks can be described as.

This one was in high school.

This one is from the D-League.

This one is from the Summer League.

And here’s his big dunk in the NBA.

You won't find a clip of Tyler's big NBA dunk because it has yet to happen.


Well, it’s kind of hard to get one when you are stuck on the bench. Tyler can definitely get up when he is not sitting down. He has shown that he can be an outstanding dunker, but without the dunk on the big stage, the winner has to be Barnes.

Not only does he have the best in-game dunks for the Warriors, he has some of the best in the entire NBA this season.

Plus, he has already earned the name Black Falcon. To win this competition, Barnes stands Biedrins, Bogut and Tyler together and dunks over all three of them to win the event. In the new yellow, alternate uniforms too!


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