Big E Langston: Breaking Down the Big Man's In-Ring Skills

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 12, 2013

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WWE fans haven't had much of a chance to see Big E Langston yet, but his freight-train ring style is something they'll see more of in the near future.

Since being called up from NXT, Langston hasn't done much more than brood at ringside and interfere in Dolph Ziggler's matches. Eventually, he'll get in the ring and show fans the extent of his power and his limitations beyond that.

The first thing one notices about Langston is his physique.

His muscles pack together, bulging from his body. It's no surprise that Langston was a powerlifter before he was a wrestler. Langston (real name: Ettore Ewen) lifted 611 lbs in the squat event at the 2010 U.S. Open Powerlifting Championships.

Power is undeniably his best asset.


Best of Langston

Langston is an elephant in the WWE ring.

He charges at his opponents. He overpowers them in spectacular fashion.

During his time at NXT, Langston tossed Bo Dallas like he was a child. Whether the big man is delivering a gorilla press slam or dramatically kicking out of a pin, he can amaze with his power moves.

The intensity behind those moves and the intensity that crackles from him during his matches is one of his better attributes as well.

Watching him before his NXT match against Bo Rotundo (Bo Dallas) evokes the image of Conan the Barbarian readying himself for battle.

It's this kind of energy that Langston brings to his matches. It's an infectious passion, a display of raw emotion that helps mask his lack of versatility.


Worst of Langston

There's something to be said about finding the one thing you do well and doing it well, but variety and versatility help the best WWE superstars rise to the top.

Langston's ring style is like a one-note song.

The fans who claim that John Cena only has five moves of doom will find that they'll have another man's limited repertoire to make fun of.  Langston may learn more moves as he gains experience, but his move set now is mostly shoulder blocks and fierce Irish whips.

Langston doesn't have much in the way of technical skills or anything other than jackhammer-like power.

In an NXT match against Antonio Cesaro, Langston was clearly outshined.

Langston's selling skills and feel for theatrics are fine, but they're not on Cesaro’s level. It's that lack of stage presence that may relegate Langston to supporting roles, to serving as other wrestlers' personal battering ram.


WWE Comparison

Langston is a powerhouse with an overload of visible passion. He is a performer who is best in short bursts, charging straight ahead.

WWE has a man with those exact skills on the roster right now in Ryback.

While Langston is a more compelling talker than Ryback, funnier and odder, they are mirror images of each other in the ring. WWE may struggle to find a spot for Langston to flourish with Ryback around.

Men like Mike Knox, Ezekiel Jackson and Festus couldn't ride their power to much success with WWE.

Langston has a lot in common with those guys in terms of ringwork, albeit with additional fieriness. It's going to take some cagey maneuvering to find a way to best utilize his skills.