UFC on Fuel Preview: Rampage Jackson, Dan Hardy & Pat Barry Exclusives

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowFebruary 11, 2013

If you’re looking for a couple furious fights, UFC on Fuel 7 will deliver. The Ultimate Show gives you a preview of the action and all the reasons you can’t afford to miss it.

You’ll also get some intriguing insight into the world of Dan Hardy on his move to Las Vegas and some very candid opinions about Matt Hughes. If you’re not a fan of Hughes, you’ll want to tune in for what Hardy has to say on the Hall of Famer.

Want to know what professional fighters think of their female counterparts climbing in the ring? You’ll get that too in the form of a terrific interview with Pat Barry, along with his thoughts on his abilities and where he needs to improve.

It’s no secret Rampage Jackson isn’t a fan of Chael Sonnen, and in the final segment of The Ultimate Show, Jackson gives a little more insight on his distaste for the fighter, as well as a look into a potential career change in the future.

If you're looking for action and more than a little trash talk, you're in the right place. Check it out.