Watch Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan Go Back-to-Back with Insane Poster Dunks

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 11, 2013

The Los Angeles Clippers scored 107 points in a win against the Philadelphia 76ers Monday night. Somehow, they scored 136 of those 107 points off dunks, including these two from Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

A correct reaction is not, "Oh boy, another Blake Griffin dunk." It should be something more along the lines of, "Holy cow! Another Blake Griffin dunk!"

I'm aware of the burnout that can come along with seeing Griffin dunk, and it's a pretty widespread epidemic. However, this should be a temporary cure, leaving only a few side effects, the main one being an itching to see more Griffin dunks.

Blake Griffin just dunked the beard off Spencer Hawe's face. Left-handed too. Jesus. If this was a fight, they'd call it.

— Dan Woike (@DanWoikeSports) February 12, 2013

And DJ adds a tip dunk on ensuing FT. They're going to riot.

— Dan Woike (@DanWoikeSports) February 12, 2013


— Dime Smash! (@DimeSmash) February 12, 2013

You almost feel bad for a guy like Hawes trying to deal with a man who is so incredibly athletic that he not only has the ability to jump from that far away, but also switch hands, contort his body and still have the power left at the end to throw it down with power.

Maybe one day I'll get sick of seeing Griffin demolishing other humans, but today is not that day.