Iron Sheik Win Grammys for Being the Legend Forever—Not John Legend

Iron SheikSpecial Guest ColumnistFebruary 11, 2013

I watch the Grammy tonight to see who the real in the music is and who the no good jabroni is.

Somebody give me cold beer so I can watch the Grammys. Please, bubba, don't insult the legend.

I love the Heineken, the Molson Canadian and the St. Pauli Girl. I like to give the St. Pauli Girl old-country way. Make me happy.

If I in good mood, maybe I have 1 or 2 with the old-country dinner...shish-kebob and the rice. I be happy.



Katy Perry look like Kermit the Frog.

Respect the Prince because he know I am the king and I could break his neck…but still I love him.

The Bruno Mars not the Bruno Sammartino but he wear the gold like he champion.

Respect to the Whitney Houston but not that jabroni Hunter Hayes.

He not in the Grammy, but also I respect Chance The Rapper. He the real. He write the song the "Juice" about me. Sheikie Baby the real, Sheikie Baby got the juice. But the Ultimate Warrior just a juice head. He deserve to be humbled because of my song. 

And Grammy for Best Country Album now change to Best Old Country and winner is the Rihanna.



Why the Rihanna still with the Chris Brown? Chris Brown, he biggest jabroni. He have good name before he made a lot of money now he mess it up. What kind of man that beat the women? He no-good low life. He get too excited, he beat up the woman—no good. I really don’t give a ---- about him, he not worth Iron Sheik time. The people know he a no good jabroni.

Now he try to fight with the intelligent singer the Frank Ocean because he is the bad man. This is free country, #1 country in the world. You don’t ---- with the people because of that. Chris Brown doesn’t have the respect. He never get respect back from the people. His mother don’t teach him, and he get too excited he think he can do whatever he want to do. Someday wrong place, wrong time, somebody—maybe even Iron Sheik—beat the ---- out of him till he cry worse than little baby girl.



After the Grammys, I love the Dr. Phil and the Dr. Oz. They have lotta common sense, and they give advice to the people. They talk to the people about the problem. They are the genius, not like the Lanny Poffo. They are the real genius, and I enjoy their show with cold beer.

I also happy to watch my documentary that going to be world class: “The Iranian Legend.” I make the documentary, and my fans I hope they support me when it come because I respect them and they respect the legend.

I love to watch the WWE wrestling, too. This is my life and still I am watching the Monday and the Friday. I cannot forgot about my sport. They make me world champion and most famous.

Also, I love the hockey, and respect the USA, Canada and the Czechoslovakia. The Gary Bettman, though, no-good jabroni. He cheat the people, he cheat the athlete. He don’t know how to do the business. He jabroni like the Doink the Clown. Never cheat the fan. The fan pay to watch the hockey. Never cut the hand that feed you, otherwise you are no-good piece of garbage.

Outside of the WWE, Michael Phelps the #1. He break the record. He best in the world. For the boxing, Muhammad Ali and the Michael Tyson both Iron Sheik class. Every hundred year, mother have baby like the Michael Phelps, Muhammad Ali, the Michael Tyson and the Justin Bieber.

Recently Justin Bieber little bit change. He smoke, drink and sexy stuff with the girl. He not like the Justin Bieber like before. He change little bit, but still for his musician he is the best in the world. But if he mess with me, he know he a young punk. He know not to mess with me. I beat the ---- out of him, make humble no problem.

Thank you, and God bless you.


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