Wrestlemania 25 Proves Not Everything is Bigger In Texas

Andrew BakerContributor IApril 7, 2009

After Sunday night, a bitter taste was left in many WWE fans' mouthes.

Although the whole night wasn't a total loss, most of it was. As hyped up Wrestlemania was for hitting its' 25th anniversary, it proved to be nothing more than another pay-per-view.

Throughout the night, we saw (or didn't see) a title unification match get dropped to a DVD special, a man dressed in drag become Ms. Wrestlemania, another waste of a title match that ended in less than 30 seconds, and an actor knocked out a superstar.

The show did have a couple moments, however, as we saw an instant classic between "Mr. Wrestlemania" HBK and "The Streak" of the Undertaker, as well as a great championship match between HHH and Randy Orton. Considering all of this, I would give the show only 2.5 stars.

WWE got the great opportunity to prove that not everything is BIGGER in Texas. I'm an avid wrestling fan, and while I did not enjoy the show, I am very interested in thoughts, so please leave your comments.