The Bengals On Sirius Today (4-7-09)

The Bengal ThingContributor IApril 7, 2009

CINCINNATI - DECEMBER 14: Chad Johnson #85 of the Cincinnati Bengals has a few words with Kareem Moore #41 of the Washington Redskins during the NFL game  on December 14, 2008 at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Bengals won 20-13.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

I listen to Sirius Satellite Radio at least two-three hours a day (I drive a decent amount for work). Usually it is on the NFL channel and usually I hear NOTHING about the Bengals. Obviously lately it has ALL been Jay Cutler, and today was a lot about Jeff Garcia....etc.

Leon Hall was on Sirius the other day, but I missed his appearance entirely.  Apparently it was a pretty cookie cutter type interview though without anything new being placed on the table

I would like to see what they have to say about the Tank signing, but for some reason I cannot listen to NFL channel online (I thought I used to be able too?)

Much to my surprise the Bengals were being discussed at just about EVERY turn. These guys are usually RIGHT ON when it comes to discussion and assessments....etc.

Today I mainly heard Chad trade talk. Adam Shine said straight up that he can't think of a possible way that Chad is NOT on the Oakland Raiders next year. His thoughts were that Oakland had the fire power to get it early 2nd and a running back to give up. He thought Fargas would be the guy.

I don't really agree with that on all accounts, but as many of you know, I DO agree with him in that I do not see ANY way possible that Chad is a Bengal next year. I do not necessarily think a RB is necessary to the equation (although this was before the Tank signing). I was thinking that the Giants could use one of there "extra" D lineman to sweeten the deal (I am not sure what draft picks they have).