Penn State Reportedly Weighing Settlement Offers from Jerry Sandusky's Victims

Richard Langford@@noontide34Correspondent IFebruary 11, 2013

According to a report by the Associated Press (via, Penn State University has received settlement offers from most of the alleged Jerry Sandusky victims. 

The attorney that the university brought in to handle this case, Ken Feinberg, spoke to the AP and said that he gave "Penn State administrators, lawyers and members of the board of trustees" the offers this past Friday in Philadelphia. 

The AP also passes along that a university spokesperson declined comment on the situation. 

Obviously, this means the next move is on the university. Penn State could accept the offers, but that is not typically how these negotiations work. More likely, the school will answer with some sort of counter offer as the two sides move closer to something they can agree upon. 

Of course, a settlement is no guarantee. If the two sides do not reach some sort of agreement, the lawsuit will proceed. 

However, the smart money is on a settlement. Penn State certainly doesn't want any more negative publicity connecting them to this horrific string of events. The quicker a settlement is reached, the quicker the university will be able to leave the Sandusky scandal in the past.

Then again, no matter what happens with these settlements, Penn State still appears to be staring at some sort of lawsuit. Feinberg, who is working with 28 claimants, reportedly stated that "not all claimants have made a settlement demand."