Texas A&M Football: 4 Aggie Wide Receivers Who Should Switch Positions

Michael Taglienti@@miketag98Featured ColumnistFebruary 12, 2013

Texas A&M Football: 4 Aggie Wide Receivers Who Should Switch Positions

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    Texas A&M has a variety of fast athletes dotting their roster. Moreover, the Aggies have a large number of receivers on the team who should get looks at other positions.

    Texas A&M employs a spread offense, which requires up to five receivers on the field at one time. The Aggies have a huge need for big, fast athletes to catch passes for their offense to work.

    Unfortunately, not all of their wide receiver recruits have made an impact at the position.

    With their size and speed, these wide receivers are prime candidates to help out in other areas on the team. Coaches need to find a way to put their players in a position to succeed on the field. Just because a player cannot help a team at one position, does not mean the player cannot help at another position.

    One of the main aspects of building a championship squad is finding a way to get your most talented athletes on the field at the same time.

    Here is a look at some highly athletic Aggie wide receivers who could help the team at another position.

Nate Askew

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    Nate Askew is a 6'4" 220-pound wide receiver who arrived in Aggieland in the 2010 recruiting class. He redshirted during the 2010 season and has played wide receiver for A&M for the last two years. 

    Askew had three receptions for 10 yards in 2012 and six receptions for 85 yards with a touchdown in 2011. In two seasons, he has caught nine passes for 95 yards and one touchdown.

    Askew has tremendous speed for his size, however. In high school, he ran 100 meters in 10.5 seconds in a regional track meet. Despite the fact Askew has the size and speed of an elite NFL wide receiver, his inconsistent hands have kept him from excelling at the position.

    At 220 pounds Askew could help A&M at either safety or linebacker. The Aggie coaches should take a look at him on defense in order to best utilize his talents.

Edward Pope

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    Edward Pope is a tall, lanky redshirt freshman who was recruited to A&M as an athlete out of Carthage (TX) High School. He was 6'4" and 170 pounds when he arrived on campus in August of 2012.

    Pope has added some weight and is reportedly around 185 pounds right now. He spent the fall at wide receiver and was named the Scout Team MVP for the 2012 season.

    Pope played receiver and safety in high school. With more and more teams in the Southeastern Conference moving to the spread offense, there will be a greater need for defensive backs who can match up in man coverage.

    In Pope, the Aggies have an athlete who can line up against the top wide receivers in the SEC and run with them.

    The Aggie coaches should consider moving Pope to safety in order to improve their coverage in the secondary.

Ricky Seals-Jones

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    Ricky Seals-Jones was one of the top-ranked recruits in the nation in 2013. He is listed as an athlete by recruiting experts because he played quarterback, defensive end, safety and wide receiver in high school.

    Seals-Jones was recruited to A&M to play wide receiver. At 6'5" 220 pounds, Seals-Jones is already pushing the size limits for the position.

    In the Aggies' spread offense, Seals-Jones should be able to line up at wide receiver and run routes similar to what a tight end does in a traditional offense.

    Once he spends some time in the A&M strength program, he should add some weight to his 6'5" frame. Seals-Jones should be pushing 240 pounds after a year or two on campus.

    As a result, he will have a NFL tight end's size before he leaves College Station.

    Seals-Jones will likely be moved to a more traditional tight end role during his latter years in Aggieland in order to increase his draft prospects.

LeKendrick Williams

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    LeKendrick Williams was recruited to A&M by former head coach Mike Sherman to be a kick and punt returner. He has been on campus for three years and enters the 2013 season as a redshirt junior wide receiver.

    Williams saw some success at wide receiver in 2013 with five receptions for 116 yards and two touchdowns. Nevertheless, it appears Williams is going to spend his career in Aggieland as a backup at wide receiver.

    While undersized at 5'8," Williams possesses tremendous speed. He could help improve the team's speed in the secondary if he switched over to defense.

    With five more wide receiver recruits coming into the program in the 2013 class, Williams will be pushed further down the totem pole when it comes to playing time.

    Williams should get a look at corner to see if he can use his speed to help the defense.