Opinion Round-Up 10 July

Mordecai BrownerAnalyst IJuly 10, 2006

---Forza Italia!  I'm happy Italy won...so much better than the French.  This has nothing to do with politics...more the fact that they like Jerry Lewis so much.  ---The All-Star game is tomorrow.  This time it counts!!!  My God, I still think the baseball gods should strike Bud Selig dead for allowing them to tie the stupid thing 4 years ago.  Look, if you want a better way to decide home-field advantage, how about interleague play record? Were I Bud, I would have looked at those two managers and told them to get back out on the field and finish the game even if they have to put outfielders in to pitch.  It's called the "good of the game" clause, Bud.  Why are you such a wimp? (speaking of which, I just found out actor Paul Giamanti is A. Bartlett Giamanti's son...is that cool or what???)  --With the World Cup over and the Cubs out of the race, I can't wait for football season, where the Bears and Raiders will disappoint me and Illinois will just plain suck again.  Hope springs eternal, eh?