Girls' High School Buzzer-Beater Bounces into History as Greatest Shot Ever

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One high school basketball player changed the game when it comes to buzzer-beaters, because she sank what might be the best shot ever. 

I might even go a little further and call this the best thing ever, even surpassing a really good jelly-filled donut. 

Big Lead Sports spotted this marvel of a video featuring one girl whose horrible attempt at a full-court shot quickly becomes the greatest moment in history, even better than the Saved by the Bell Johnny Dakota episode. 

Lewis-Palmer's Anna Olsen gets the ball and heaves it at the end of the third quarter. It bounces once and goes in. 

The ridiculous part is this really could have been a candidate for worst blunder in prep sports history, because Olsen tosses the ball the length of the court with 15 seconds remaining, according to Big Lead Sports

At that point, someone had to have mumbled, "Um, what the hell is Anna doing?"

If that wasn't enough, the ball just dies in the air and falls horribly short of the basket, no doubt causing someone in the stands to miss the next moment because they were burying their face in shame. 

Woeful becomes wonderful as the ball bounces and goes in. That would pretty much be the signal for the other team to leave the gym, because there is no way the day is tilted in their favor. 

The other team then takes the ball out of bounds because, you know, there is still plenty of time on the clock. 

Give it up for Anna Olsen, a young lady who can hit a shot from anywhere on the court. She just needs one bounce to get it there. 

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