Buying or Selling Latest Free Agent Buzz Surrounding Tennessee Titans

Chad MintonCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2013

Buying or Selling Latest Free Agent Buzz Surrounding Tennessee Titans

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    There's already a ton of buzz surrounding all 32 NFL teams as free agency gets into full swing, and the Tennessee Titans are one of those teams that really need to add a couple pieces.

    The Titans need some key free-agency signings on both sides of the ball to get themselves back into contention for 2013.

    For the Titans to really have some money to play around with this offseason, they'll need to definitely let a few players go that just aren't benefiting the team anymore.

    A bunch of rumors will arise this offseason, but only a few of them will really need to be taken seriously for the Titans.

LaRon Landry (Buy)

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    The Titans desperately need some grit to return to the secondary once again, and LaRon Landry would certainly bring that to the table.

    Per, it's looking very unlikely that the Jets retain Landry for next season, and that means that the Titans will have an opportunity to target him.

    Releasing Jordan Babineaux would free up some room to sign Landry to a decent contract, and this would be money worth spending.

    Landry will probably want a long-term deal, so the Titans will need to do some negotiating to make a deal like this happen.

    With that said, Landry would help this secondary by leaps and bounds. He also would be a valuable piece to be used in blitz packages.

    If the Titans can figure out a way to come to a sensible agreement with the hard-hitting safety, then it would certainly boost the secondary for 2013.

    Landry would also be a great piece in the new defensive system that will be put into place by the newly hired Gregg Williams.

Ahmad Bradshaw (Sell)

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    Even with all of the valuable tools that Ahmad Bradshaw brings to the table, he still wouldn't be a smart fit for the Titans.

    Bradshaw is probably going to want money that is consistent with most of the starting running backs in the NFL, and the Titans just can't afford to pour money into another running back.

    You also have to take into consideration that Bradshaw seems to be on the injury report each and every week.

    If the Titans were better off in other areas on the roster, then this move would get the green light. Since they're clearly not, this is a free agent that the Titans should look past.

Andy Levitre (Buy)

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    Andy Levitre is widely considered one of the most coveted free agents in this year's class. He has made it clear that he plans to shop for the best offer this offseason, according to Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News.

    The Titans offensive line has to drastically improve for next season if Jake Locker is going to progress into the quarterback the Titans desperately need him to be.

    Far too many times was Locker running for his life behind an offensive line that ended up in shambles.

    Chris Johnson also struggled to find much running room, and Johnson is the type of running back that needs space to be effective.

    Levitre would be worth a hefty contract because he would establish a long-term foundation for Locker and Johnson to play behind for years to come.

    There will be several teams interested in him, so the Titans will have to be extremely aggressive if they're going to instantly upgrade their offensive line with the addition of Levitre.

Osi Umenyiora (Sell)

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    With all of the young pieces in place on defense, the Titans really need a veteran presence that would improve the entire unit.

    Osi Umenyiora still has enough gas left in the tank to vastly improve the pass rush for the Titans, but unfortunately the Titans just have too many holes to fill right now to reach a deal that Umenyiora will demand.

    The Titans need to shop around for a cheaper free agent, or do some serious work in the draft on their defensive line.

    There's no way the Titans can afford Umenyiora, Levitre and Landry. All three are expecting lucrative deals, so the Titans will have to get their priorities together.

    The offensive line has to get better for Jake Locker, and the secondary would improve greatly with an intimidating presence lurking from Landry.

    That leaves the aging Umenyiora as the odd man out on the Titans' shopping list.

Kyle Vanden Bosch (Buy)

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    One team's trash can be another team's treasure in this scenario that would bring Kyle Vanden Bosch back to the Titans.

    The Titans' pass rush has never been the same since letting Vanden Bosch go back in 2010.

    If you watched any single Titans game this past season, then you know that the Titans desperately needed a guy with a non-stop motor like Vanden Bosch possesses.

    The best part about this possibility is that Vanden Bosch will not demand as much money as some of your other top-tier defensive ends, but he'll still bring a ton of value.

    In addtion to that, you have a guy who is hungry to prove that he's still got plenty gas left in the tank to help another NFL team.

    The Titans should certainly make a strong push to get Vanden Bosch back in Tennessee. He would fit right in to this new defense, and be a great mentor to all of these youngsters on the Titans roster.

George Wilson (Sell)

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    There's another strong safety on the free-agency market that the Titans could take a look at, and that's George Wilson.

    The Buffalo Bills decided to part ways with the 32-year-old veteran who brings a great physical game to the table.

    However, the Titans don't need to take another gamble on an aging player that has plenty of limitations.

    The Titans need to do everything they can to get LaRon Landry. Falling short of that, the Titans should draft a safety in the second or third round of the NFL Draft.

    The defense is stretched too thin at this point for the Titans to be taking gambles on aging players, even if it's a player as highly regarded as Wilson.