NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2013: Highlighting Best Dunk from Each Competitor

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistFebruary 11, 2013

NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2013: Highlighting Best Dunk from Each Competitor

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    The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is usually the most anticipated event of All-Star Weekend. With this roster of competitors, this year will be no different.

    Saturday's event features two former winners (Gerald Green and Jeremy Evans) and a veteran who has made his impression on similar competitions around the world (James White).

    In addition, a trio of young players (Terrence Ross, Eric Bledsoe and Kenneth Faried) will look to become household names with a big performance.

    While the top athletes in the world always find a way to surprise when the lights are on, we can look at the past to see what to expect. Fortunately, those expectations should be high because these six players have already shown they can throw down some serious dunks.

    Here are the best individual dunks from each competitor in the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest.

Gerald Green

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    Gerald Green has bounced around the league, but there is no denying his athleticism.

    This slam in 2012 while playing for the New Jersey Nets might have been the most impressive in-game dunk in years. He takes an alley-oop pass from MarShon Brooks, but decided to make it more interesting by adding a windmill in traffic.

    If you pause the video during the dunk, you can see that his head is well above the rim at the time.

    Green has also shown creativity with his dunks by jumping without shoes and blowing out a candle on the rim.

    The 2007 Slam Dunk Contest winner is certain to provide some excitement this time around. 

Terrence Ross

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    This is cheating a little as there are two dunks in one, but they both took place in the same Dec. 21 game against the Orlando Magic.

    In the first shot, Terrence Ross goes way up for a put back. Poor J.J. Redick never had a chance.

    Then, the rookie gets a fast break and does a little showtime in the fourth quarter by taking the ball way back before slamming it home.

    Ross was known as a bit of a raw prospect entering the draft, but few people questioned his athleticism. This skill will be on full display on Saturday. 

James White

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    Few people are more confident about the dunk contest than James White.

    The New York Knicks guard even guaranteed victory if he was picked. He will now get his opportunity.

    While "Flight" White has not done that much during games to justify this position, his highlight reels make him a top contender in this contest.

    The accompanied video took place at the 2009 D-League dunk contest, where White was able to dunk from well behind the free-throw line. Eat your heart out, MJ.

    He has likely been waiting a long time for this moment, so do not be surprised to see something incredible.

Eric Bledsoe

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    The video contains two dunks, but it is the first one that really turned some heads.

    A reverse dunk off an alley-oop from one of the shorter players in the league certainly was not expected.

    Eric Bledsoe is often overshadowed athletically on the Los Angeles Clippers. He is listed at only 6'1" and is on a team with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, so that will happen.

    However, the guard has shown in his short time in the NBA that he can throw it down with the best in the league.

    His size should put him in the Spud Webb/Nate Robinson category that judges love, especially when he adds his own specific style. 

Jeremy Evans

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    Last year's dunk contest was relatively weak, but Jeremy Evans did enough to take home the crown.

    Although he had a few higher jumps in the finals, the most impressive display was when he dunked two balls at once off a pass from Gordon Hayward.

    The amount of coordination that it takes to accomplish this feat is very underrated, and something that will be difficult to top.

    Evans does not see the floor much with the Utah Jazz, but the dunk contest is his chance to shine. Hopefully, we will see some more creativity in this year's event. 

Kenneth Faried

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    There might not be a better example of a Kenneth Faried dunk than this play against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Jan. 11.

    It was not very flashy, but the forward goes stronger to the basket than almost anyone else in the league.

    Faried pushed the ball through despite having three players try to stop him.

    The former Morehead State star is known for his intensity on the court and his motor that allows him to be a double-double machine.

    His ability to throw down slams with such ferocity will give him some bonus points in the competition.