Habs: Where Do We Go from Here?

Aaron DuplessisCorrespondent IApril 7, 2009

It's been a 100th season of ups and downs for Les Canadiens De Montreal.

From kicking off the season to a great start, to speculation of having a roster of criminals. With all that behind them, and only three regular season games in front of them, it will be a race to the finish for the Habs.

Seven games ago, Bob Gainey concocted a remedy for the slumping Montreal Canadiens. This elixir is the Koivu-Kovalev-Tanguay line. This line is great, but it's also the defensive pairing of Schneider and Markov that help back them up.

Last night, the Habs community was rocked with a bit of bad news. Both of those stellar defensemen will be out for the remainder of the season and into a majority of the postseason (if they are to even make it there). Last night's game against Ottawa was a true testament to how badly they need them. With no power play goals, and call-ups that didn't play smart (not pointing any fingers, O'Byrne), they were finally tasting the losing slice of the pie again.

I'm getting settled in to watch the Habs take on the Rangers tonight, a big game that could clinch a playoff spot for Montreal. Hopefully, Gainey took a look at what worked and what didn't last night, and make drastic improvements on the blue line.