SF Giants' Tim Lincecum Channels His Inner Hunter Pence for Spot-on Impression

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Tim Lincecum pretended he had a bat and freaked out—also known as the Hunter Pence. 

Larry Brown Sports spotted this video from the San Francisco Giants 2013 Fan Fest, which took place this past weekend. 

The Giants are coming off another World Series title, so I would imagine things were fairly positive at Fan Fest. Hell, I wouldn't be shocked to find out it was raining garlic fries and bobbleheads, especially after considering how happy these two seem to be. 

Pence gets up and hits a solid Lincecum impression. Considering Pence hit .219 for the Giants last season, he should be commended for hitting anything.

Lincecum, who now looks far more dapper with his new haircut, decides to put an end to all the impressions by dropping a Pence on the fans. 

Just as Pence finishes his "Big Time Timmy Jim" wind-up, Lincecum gets up and pretends to be the most enthusiastic batter of all time, which is precisely how one performs the Pence. 

I encourage everyone out there to pretend they are a big-league batter taking their first swings ever. That's all the direction you need to pull off the impersonation. 

Now, if this kind of impression is your thing, I would recommend taking a gander at the Batting Stance Guy, because there is nobody better at capturing every last nuance of a major leaguer about to take some hacks. 

Except for Tim Lincecum, apparently. 

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