Knicks Rumors: Free Agents New York Should Consider Making a Move for

Ciaran Gowan@@CiaranGowanContributor IIIFebruary 12, 2013

Knicks Rumors: Free Agents New York Should Consider Making a Move for

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    The NBA trade deadline may be just around the corner, but that doesn't mean making a trade is the only way the New York Knicks can boost their roster.

    Though it may not be stacked with talent halfway through the season, the free agent market still has a lot to offer a team only looking for minor improvements.

    As it stands, the Knicks currently have a full roster with 15 players, but cutting someone who is rarely used like James White or Kurt Thomas could free up a spot for a new signing.

    Including those plying their trade in the D-League, here are four players the Knicks should consider signing, instead of going with the trade route and having to lose something in return.

Kenyon Martin

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    Tough power forward Kenyon Martin has been linked with the Knicks dating back to the summer, but he has yet to make his way to New York despite appearing to be a perfect fit.

    The main thing that stopped Martin from joining the Knicks in the offseason was a salary issue. Martin considered himself worth the mid-level exception for his play with the Clippers in 2012, but the Knicks had only the veteran's minimum to offer.

    Judging by the fact that he's still out there, the Knicks weren't the only team that thought K-Mart was asking for a little too much.

    Now that we're close to the All-Star break, Martin probably realizes he's in a position where he'll have to accept a minimum contract if he wants to play this season. In fact, according to Yahoo! Sports, he's even open-minded about a 10-day contract to prove himself.

    That opens the door for the Knicks. With Marcus Camby and Rasheed Wallace injured, Martin would make a lot of sense for New York. He may not be the player he used to be, but he proved last season that he can still hit the boards and play tough defense for 20 or so minutes each game.

    The Knicks don't really need much more than that. Further, once you factor in that he's already played with six current Knicks on some of his previous teams, you start to wonder why he isn't already wearing blue and orange.

Lou Amundson

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    If Kenyon Martin's age, injury history and character scare the Knicks off, Lou Amundson—who was recently released by the Minnesota Timberwolves—would be a solid alternative.

    Amundson has had the worst season of his career so far in 2012-13, but to be fair he wasn't given much of a chance in Minnesota. He played only eight minutes per game for the T-Wolves.

    In New York, Amundson likely wouldn't receive more playing time than he had in Minnesota, but the chance to compete for a championship could inspire him to do some more of the dirty work he's known for.

    If Amundson could do what he did in Indiana back in 2012, which was literally just hunt for rebounds and commit some hard fouls, then he could have success in New York.

    It wouldn't be a glamorous move by any means, but Amundson could fill a role for the Knicks. At the very least, he would be a short-term fix for their rebounding issues.

Delonte West

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    Considering that he was actually playing reasonably well for the Dallas Mavericks last season, it's surprising to see that no one has picked him up following his release in the preseason.

    The lack of interest in West is likely due to his disruptive locker room presence. Dallas' decision to waive him was probably linked to his suspension weeks before due to "conduct detrimental to the team."

    It's understandable for teams to be wary about bringing a personality like West's into the locker room midseason, but it's definitely something the Knicks should consider.

    If Mike Woodson and the many vets on the Knicks roster can keep West under control, he could end up being an impact player off the bench.

    West is a good all-around point guard and would be an upgrade over Pablo Prigioni since he is younger and more athletic. If the Knicks were to get the best out of him, he'd make them the undisputed deepest team in the league.

    Only last season West was averaging 9.6 points and 3.2 assists. At age 29 he has a lot left to offer if he can overcome his off-court issues.

Henry Sims

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    Back in training camp, the Knicks brought in a load of undrafted free agents. The one who stood out most was center Henry Sims from Georgetown.

    Sims didn't make the final roster, but he was clearly in consideration for the last spot. At the time, the Knicks must have decided he wasn't needed with all the veteran big men on their roster. Now, though, injuries have taken their toll, and more size inside may not be such a bad thing.

    It would be hard to expect much out of Sims since he has never played in an NBA game, but he could be an upgrade over Kurt Thomas, simply because he's bigger, more athletic and, of course, a lot younger.

    Though you can't put too much stock into it, Sims has also been impressive with the Knicks' D-League affiliate, the Erie BayHawks, averaging 14.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game.

    His production has been good enough to earn him a place on the Prospects All-Star roster, showing that he is on the border between D-League- and NBA-level talent.

    The Knicks started their partnership with the BayHawks for this very reason. With Allan Houston working as general manager in Erie, he will know a lot more about Sims than any other team.

    If the Knicks deem him ready to play and contribute in the big time, they shouldn't hesitate to bring him up, especially since they'll have the option to send him back down if and when the injury situation improves.