NHL Teams with the Best Chemistry

Ryan O'LearyFeatured Columnist IFebruary 11, 2013

At the beginning of the shortened NHL season, it seemed clear to me that two types of teams would succeed under this less-than-optimal format.

Either your team is constructed with a ton of youth with the requisite amount of energy to put up with the large volume of hockey in a shortened schedule, or you have a veteran laden team that's been playing together for so long that making the transition out of no hockey is seamless.

In this video, we investigate the latter - teams whose immense chemistry has paid dividends in the early NHL standings. Look no further than the Detroit Red Wings or Vancouver Canucks, both of which have strong veteran cores and excellent leadership.

But, neither of those teams are on this list of teams that are gelling the most in 2013. Find out which teams did in the latest Bleacher Report piece.

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