New England Patriots Should Go After the Vikings' Percy Harvin

Jonathan Cullen@@jcullen71Senior Writer IFebruary 11, 2013

Percy Harvin would be a dynamic player in New England.
Percy Harvin would be a dynamic player in New England.Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

If this report from CBS Minnesota is true, that the Minnesota Vikings are going to trade Percy Harvin due to a blowup that he had with Vikings' head coach Leslie Frazier, then the New England Patriots should be on the phone this morning finding out what it would take to acquire the ultra-talented receiver.

The CBS report from Mike Max details that Frazier got tired of Harvin's antics and placed him on injured reserve. It also mentions that Harvin had a similar tirade with former Vikings coach Brad Childress.

Harvin is a player the Patriots have long coveted coming out of college four seasons ago. It was rumored at the time that New England had Harvin in for a special workout and planned to take the receiver with the 23rd pick in the 2009 NFL draft.

Bill Belichick has always drafted heavy from schools where he has a strong respect for the head coach, so he relationship with Florida Gators' head coach Urban Meyer allowed the Patriots organization to feel comfortable about the off-the-field issues that seemed to be following Harvin out of college.

The Vikings took Harvin right before the Patriots, causing a somewhat frosty relationship between Childress and Belichick. The Patriots ended up trading out of the first round after the Vikings took Harvin.

The beauty of Harvin is that he would fill multiple needs for the Patriots. Deep threat, check. Slot receiver, check. Kick returner and punt returner, check.

If the Patriots decided to move on from Wes Welker, then offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could figure out a way to get the ball into Harvin's hands 10 to 12 times per game.

If New England made the decision to keep Welker and add Harvin, the Patriots could again have the most dynamic passing game in the league.

The 24-year-old Harvin has one year left on his rookie contract paying him $2.9 million. By making it known that Harvin had discipline issues with Frazier and the Vikings are willing to trade him before this draft, the cost shouldn't be too high.

If the Patriots call the Vikings and the cost is a third-round draft pick in this year's draft or a conditional pick next year, the Patriots should make the move immediately.

New England could get most of their shopping done early this winter.


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