WWE Tag Team Division: 5 Replacement Partners for Justin Gabriel

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WWE Tag Team Division: 5 Replacement Partners for Justin Gabriel
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So by now, everyone is likely aware of the injury to Tyson Kidd, and it's a real shame too. Considering how injury-prone and temporary SinSterio was, and the on-and-off pairing of them with International Airstrike, one would think WWE was positioning International Airstrike as the next big face tag team for the division.

Though, that won't happen for about a year at least, so until then, Justin Gabriel is at a crossroads.

Justin Gabriel can continue as a singles star, and more than likely be used to put over other superstars with the occasional victory on Slam or Superstars. Generally, this would offer a small chance of advancement for Gabriel, but honestly, since 2010 Gabriel hasn't been looked at favorably as a singles star.

Personally, I think Gabriel has more than enough skill to at least be a perennial U.S. title candidate in the future. For now, though, I don't think WWE has it in the cards for him.

Another route open to Gabriel would be for him to strike up a partnership with another superstar, in hopes of establishing some chemistry and getting over. Thankfully for the Cape Town Werewolf, WWE has a variety of undercard superstars to team with.

However, I think Gabriel has to realize that while Kidd was a talented worker, one would have to question if WWE would really get behind the generally charisma-less twosome of Kidd and Gabriel.

In the mean time, while Kidd recovers, perhaps a new team should look to include that one missing element that kept both superstars from having singles success.

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