WWE's 10 Most Powerful and Painful Current Finishers

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WWE's 10 Most Powerful and Painful Current Finishers
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Not every WWE superstar is going to use a devastating finisher.

Some, like Santino Marella, have finishers that are used purely for comedic purposes. Others, like Rey Mysterio, do flashy finishing moves that don't look very impactful.

But there are stars who become well known for utilizing finishers that look incredibly painful and/or powerful.

A finishing move that looks like it could legitimately hurt somebody is what sets some guys apart from the rest of the pack, and often, it's that finishing maneuver that can take a guy to the top of the WWE.

Then again, Randy Orton's RKO may get the biggest pop of any current finisher in the WWE, but is it really powerful? Is it even painful? 

No, but these are.

Here are my rankings of the WWE's 10 most powerful and/or painful current finishers.

NOTE: There will be no submissions or holds on this list. Moves only. Also, some moves on this list may be classified as "powerful," some as "painful" and others as both.

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