WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 5 Additional Matches We Need Added to Card ASAP

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIFebruary 11, 2013

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: 5 Additional Matches We Need Added to Card ASAP

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    The 2013 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view is shaping up to be one of the WWE's biggest B-level pay-per-views in quite some time.

    Already on tap for the show so far are four huge matches with WrestleMania implications:

    WWE Championship: The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk

    World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Big Show

    Elimination Chamber Match (to determine who will face the World champion at WrestleMania): Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry vs. ??? vs. ???

    The Shield vs. John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback

    That's about as stacked of a show as you're going to get at a non-WrestleMania PPV, but the card still has some room for at least a few additions.

    With a number of other feuds shaping on TV over the last few weeks, the WWE will likely add another two or three matches (or perhaps even more) to round out the card. So, which matches should get one of those coveted spots on the show?

    Let's take a look with my rankings of five matches that need to be added to the Elimination Chamber card ASAP.

5. Pre-Show YouTube Match: 3MB vs. Brodus Clay and Tensai

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    After what transpired in that awful dance-off between Brodus Clay and Tensai on Raw Roulette, it appears as if the WWE is moving full speed ahead with putting the two together as a tag team.

    During a match with Drew McIntyre on last week's SmackDown, Tensai was attacked by McIntyre and his 3MB bandmates, and Clay came out to make the save. This was undoubtedly the beginning of what will be, quite literally, one of the biggest comedy tag teams we've ever seen.

    With the tag team division slowly starting to go back to its old ways (which isn't a good thing), the WWE needs to create new duos, and it certainly looks like Clay and Tensai could get a decent push as one going forward.

    Because of what transpired on last week's SmackDown between Clay/Tensai and 3MB, logic says the next step is for those two groups to have a full-blown feud.

    While this story may not be particularly entertaining for many of us, at least talented guys like Tensai, Heath Slater and McIntyre can get a chance to do something if this rivalry continues.

    Although this bout isn't really worthy of a spot on the main Elimination Chamber card, it could serve well as the pre-show YouTube match that has become a staple of the WWE's PPVs as of late.

    That way, the WWE can have a fun little comedy match to open the show without using 10 or 12 minutes on pay-per-view that would probably be best served for other purposes.

    A win for either Clay/Tensai or 3MB, however, could position the team as one of the leading candidates for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Champions.

4. WWE Tag Team Championship: Team Hell No (c) vs. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

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    The WWE is well-known for having its champions lose non-title matches on TV, which eventually leads to the superstar/tag team that beat the champs getting a title shot at some point down the road.

    Odds are that that's exactly what we'll see happen between WWE Tag Team Champions Hell No and the duo of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

    Sin Cara and Mysterio picked up a big victory over the tag team champs on the Feb. 1 edition of SmackDown, and if the WWE follows through with its usual booking, that means that the luchador duo is headed for a title match.

    The question, of course, is when that match will happen and no announcement for the match has been made yet.

    What makes it hard to have Team Hell No defend the titles against Sin Cara and Mysterio at Elimination Chamber, though, is that Daniel Bryan and Mysterio have already both been announced as participants in the Elimination Chamber match to determine the No. 1 contender for the World title.

    This makes the odds of seeing Team Hell No vs. Cara/Mysterio a lot slimmer, but hey, it's not like we haven't seen guys pull double duty on pay-per-view in the past. Therefore, the WWE could do something like have Mysterio/Cara win the tag team titles earlier in the night and then have Bryan eliminate Mysterio from the EC match.

    I'm not sure that this scenario would actually happen, but Team Hell No appears to be nearing its end and figures to drop the tag team titles sooner or later.

    Why not at Elimination Chamber so Kane and Bryan can move on to singles competition in time for WrestleMania?

3. Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (c) vs. Bo Dallas

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    The WWE decided to debut Bo Dallas in a feud with Wade Barrett, and now, the creative team has to keep this rivalry going before it fizzles out.

    The worst thing the WWE could do is get lost in the WrestleMania haze and forget about this feud because all that's going to do is hurt Dallas' momentum and potentially end his career before it even starts.

    So, it's absolutely imperative that the WWE keeps this story going with Dallas as the rookie "underdog" who's looking to take out the big, bad Barrett. After all, he's already beaten the former bare-knuckle brawler once with a shocking victory on Raw a couple of weeks back.

    Dallas has already received a lot of criticism for being too bland/green/corny, but we can't really make a firm judgment on this guy until we see what he does in a lengthy rivalry and/or a match that lasts more than two minutes.

    By virtue of his victory over Barrett on Raw a couple of weeks ago, Dallas has earned the right to face Barrett again, and next time, that match should be for the Intercontinental Championship.

    The WWE is attempting to have Dallas make a big splash by putting him in a major rivalry right away, and this rivalry could get even bigger if he wrestles Barrett on PPV with the title on the line.

    That's exactly what should happen, too.

    Unless the WWE decides to have this bout take place on Raw or SmackDown instead of PPV, don't be surprised to see Dallas challenge Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

2. United States Championship: The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro (c)

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    On the Royal Rumble pre-show, Antonio Cesaro successfully defended his United States Championship in a match against The Miz, and he did so cleanly.

    However, in true WWE fashion, the company has kept this feud going even though it should have been over after Cesaro won at the Royal Rumble, at least theoretically.

    The rivalry, however, appears to be in full effect, especially after what transpired between the two on last week's SmackDown when The Miz attacked Cesaro during a backstage segment.

    Considering he lost to Cesaro at the Royal Rumble, The Miz probably doesn't "deserve" another shot at the United States Championship, but neither guy really has anything better to do at the moment. Plus, this has actually been a decent midcard rivalry so far.

    Cesaro and The Miz seem to have some solid chemistry together and the WWE is clearly trying to both build up Cesaro as a credible heel and get some sympathy for the newly babyface Miz.

    Putting these two in an extended feud with another is a great way to do both of those things because Cesaro is a good heel who can make any babyface he's working with look great.

    This rivalry is really meant as a way to make Cesaro look like a more formidable champion, so it's kind of predictable in that no one really expects The Miz to beat him to win the title.

    If the feud is going to continue, though, we might as well see what these two can do at the Elimination Chamber PPV after they were relegated to the Rumble pre-show last month. It could be pretty damn fun.

1. Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    Our jaws hit the floor at the Royal Rumble last month when Chris Jericho returned as the surprise No. 2 entrant in the 30-Man Royal Rumble match.

    The No. 1 entrant? Jericho's rival, Dolph Ziggler.

    As we all remember, it was Ziggler who beat Jericho in a career-threatening match last August to send him packing, so it was a simple, yet effective booking decision to rekindle the feud between these two at the Royal Rumble.

    Well, at least that's what we thought would happen.

    Although it looked like the WWE would pick right back up on this rivalry when Jericho and Ziggler were forced to team up on the post-Rumble Raw, Ziggler was inexplicably left off of last week's Raw. That was a puzzling move that has many wondering if the Jericho/Ziggler feud has really been reignited.

    We don't know that it has been, but it's safe to say that it should be.

    Ziggler and Jericho had a nice rivalry last summer that resulted in a great match at SummerSlam and the next night of Raw, and after the way that Jericho returned at the Rumble, it more than makes sense for the feud to culminate with a match at Elimination Chamber.

    Neither guy is currently penciled in for a match at the PPV, and that's not something that should happen.

    With Jericho and Ziggler as two of the WWE's clear-cut top stars, they'll be at Elimination Chamber. If the WWE wants to make the PPV even better than it likely will be, it'll be Y2J vs. "The Showoff" in a match that might just steal the show.


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