Opinion Round-Up 2 July

Mordecai BrownerAnalyst IJuly 2, 2006

---Well rats, England is out of the World Cup, and Becks has given up his captainship.  Now I have to pray for Germany to pull through.  Lord knows I don't want the Frenchies or Italians to take it, and I don't see the Portugese winning it all.  ---Speaking of France, the Tour is on right now...and I couldn't care less, although it's been nice to see fallen hero Lance Armstrong contually attack the WADA.  Very cool, Lance.  You've quickly sunken into the "Sammy Sosa lying before congress" depths of athletic infamy.  ---I saw the headline today that "Preds sing Arnott for 5."  I had absolutely no clue what they were talking about.  Appartently, it's ice hockey, which I didn't know was played anymore professionally.