Update on Who Will Induct Bruno Sammartino into the HOF, Who Does He Want?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 9, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Ever since it was announced that Bruno Sammartino would, at long last, be going into WWE's Hall of Fame, speculation has been buzzing about just who will induct the star.

In a recent interview with the Busted Open radio show (via PWTorch) Sammartino spoke out about the selection process. He noted that Paul "Triple H" Levesque informed him that while stars traditionally get to pick their inductor, Sammartino was considered so important that the company wanted to find someone:

Paul (Triple H) said to me that they usually let the person being inducted choose who they want. However, he asked me if I would allow them to think about it for a while...They want to bring someone who they think would be fitting for the occasion. Someone who is worldly known. I don’t know who they have in mind. But if it were me, there would be a number of people I would suggest.

For the record, Levesque's claim that people get to choose their own inductors is somewhat dubious. In 2007 Wrestlezone reported that Jerry Lawler had originally wanted good friend and Memphis Wrestling colleague Lance Russell to speak for him when he was placed in that year's Hall of Fame class, but was strongly urged by officials to go with the more famous William Shatner. Shatner ended up inducting Lawler.

With that in mind, who will WWE pick?

It's difficult to say. Levesque himself would surely be a good choice. After all, as Sammartino recently noted in an interview with WWE.com, Levesque is the "main reason" he's even going in this year. It was the C.O.O who helped smooth over the rocky Sammartino/WWE relationship.

The legend had his own suggestion, though:

Look at the history I had with Larry Zbyszko...I always wanted to go out on top, that was my dream. The last thing I did in this business was with Zbyszko. Look what we did at Shea Stadium. We sold out Shea Stadium and turned them away from every arena that we went into. What a way to go out. He would be pretty darn good at that as well. I’ll leave it up to them because they have their own idea.

So, who do you guys think Sammartino's inductor should be?