How Will Pairing with Brodus Clay Affect Tensai's WWE Career?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 10, 2013


For the past few weeks we have seen Tensai and Brodus Clay appearing together after matches in what can only be described as attempted dancing.

This move takes Tensai from being a brutal heel who was barely being featured, and winning even less, to a babyface who might get more screen time.

This move has upset many fans who think Tensai is above this kind of thing, but Tensai himself told people that it was just entertainment.

It is understandable why fans of the big man would be upset by this move. It goes against everything Tensai has portrayed in the past seven years in Japan.

Should fans of Tensai just be happy with the fact that he will be featured more?

There was another wrestler who had a similar career path: Vladimir Kozlov.

When he first appeared in WWE, he was pushed as a main event heel who was challenging Triple H for the WWE title.

He got some clean wins over major stars, including The Undertaker, and he had an intimidation factor that could not be taught.

After some time with no direction, Kozlov was paired with Santino Marella and they were turned into a comedy tag team.

Some of their stuff was funny, but it was mostly painful to watch a guy who had such amazing potential be reduced to a comedy gimmick.

Tensai has been running the same course. He beat a few big names when he first showed up, had some time with nothing to do and is now being turned into a comedy gimmick.

Kozlov ended up being released by WWE eventually. Is this the same fate Tensai will face?

Who knows, maybe this could lead to Tensai and Clay becoming tag champs. Maybe Tensai will be good as a babyface?

Fans have been cheering the big man recently, and he has been getting more wins, which is always a good thing for a wrestler.

So, should we just be happy he is being featured more often, worry that his future will turn out like Kozlov's or do we just wait and see what happens?

That is one of the things that keeps people watching WWE: curiosity.

What do you think, will Tensai benefit from this pairing or will it hurt him in the end?


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