No, Seriously...Why Spring Training Is a Source of Worry

Claire ReclosadoSenior Analyst IMarch 29, 2008

As I sat in a panic about the season that lies ahead of my favorite teams, I decided to see who didn’t share my opinion.

I Googled, “Not worried about Spring Training,” and instantly was presented with a myriad of results—from this month.

Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki isn’t worried.

San Francisco Giants' Barry Zito says he's just working on "things mechanically."

Worried? Not Detroit Tigers' Todd Jones.

Mark Teixeira sees a sub-par spring as a good sign.

Does it take a hefty paycheck to not be worried because, sweeties, I am worried.

On Thursday, I made my way to AT&T Park for the first game of the (pre)season in the stadium.

A passed ground ball beelined its way into my boyfriend’s waiting hand. The beer lady told my friend that he just purchased the first beer of the year.

These had to be positive signs.

As I sat in my frigid seat in AT&T Park, I felt a glimmer of hope—but then again, it was just batting practice.

My fool’s sanguinity was brought back to reality on the same play that Seattle’s Yuniesky Betancourt scored—the Giants’ Rich Aurilia failed to return the ball to the pitcher after a routine out at first and, oops! There goes Betancourt!

Don't we learn this in elementary school P.E.? Get the ball back to the pitcher when the play is over! 

I should have known. I didn’t even stay the whole game. I used the freezing temperature as an excuse, but we all know it was the disappointment that fueled my early departure.

The next night, Tim Lincecum fanned my hopes to a high level as he pitched five hitless innings. Yes, it was against the Oakland A’s, but still.

Once Steve Kline entered the game, the hitless streak was gone, as was the upward momentum of my optimism.

We all know it’s preseason. The players say there’s no need to worry.

How can we not worry when games that are supposed to be easy produce lackluster numbers? If it’s a “whatever” game, let me see some astronomical numbers.

I’m an A’s and Giants fan. I know what I’m in for.  The panic set in long before spring started, but c’mon, let’s be real.

A substandard spring does not produce confident fans.

Did I mention I’m a Phillies fan? Oh boy, I’m worried.