WWE WrestleMania 29: 7 Candidates to Face CM Punk If the Undertaker Can't Work

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 12, 2013

WWE WrestleMania 29: 7 Candidates to Face CM Punk If the Undertaker Can't Work

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    Should The Undertaker not be fit to wrestle in the grandest stage of all, WrestleMania 29, what will the WWE do?

    With rumors running rampant that The "Dead Man" wants to face CM Punk as his opponent this year, everything still rides on the health of one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of the business.

    Without The Undertaker, what happens to the former WWE Champion? The Rock will face John Cena. The World Champion will face the winner of the WHC Elimination Chamber match. Hopefully, Cody Rhodes will face Goldust. 

    But there isn't an opponent for Punk as of yet.

    Should circumstances remain the way they are, here are some opponents who could give Punk a match at wrestling's greatest event.


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    I personally think a feud between these two greats would be awesome.

    We have seen glimpses of this feud, and if it were done right, it could carry over to more matches and possibly toward Summer Slam.

    Sheamus is a wrestler in purgatory right now, fighting The Shield with no title to contend for. Having him face "The Best in the World" makes sense.

The Miz

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    While a program with Brock Lesnar with The Miz may happen, I think this matchup is a good one on many levels.

    Both wrestlers are men without titles and have faced each other before (with the WWE Title on the line) and sold for each other. 

    It isn't as good as Cena/Punk, but it has its moments. 

    I still like The Miz as a future champion again. Punk always makes his opponents look great and helps out them over.

    This could be a WrestleMania highlight.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Should Del Rio lose the World Title before WrestleMania, this could be a match worthy of a main event.

    Remember when Punk challenged Del Rio for the WWE Title and was the last wrestler to hold the title before The Rock beat Punk.

    The roles have changed but the wrestling hasn't. Book this one if things do not fall into place.

Brock Lesnar

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    At some point, this will happen.

    It may look odd. It may look stupid. But it will happen, if nothing else but to separate the work of Paul Heyman from CM Punk.

    And of course, Lesnar will have a hand in it.

    The possibility of David vs. Goliath still exists. And while a more suitable match would be Lesnar and Ryback, I can still see this happening because regardless of how ruthless Punk is, he is still a man who wants to do things his way.


Chris Jericho

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    I wish this was a feud that took place five years ago.

    It would have been better than HBK/Jericho.

    These two titans put on a great program, but with all the top-heavy stars of the WWE, it is hard to see this going anywhere and the creative team sees Jericho and Dolph Ziggler as a better fit (I hate the idea).

    The WWE wanted John Cena to win the Royal Rumble, thus eliminating the Ziggler/Cena feud, but Jericho would have been better suited to face Punk in my opinion.


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    This could go on and on. Maybe Ryback could score a clean win. Maybe The Shield will stay out of his matches from now on.

    Who knows?

    Ryback was built up to reach the top of the mountain and then was immediately crushed by the weight of the The Rock's emergence in all of this hype.

    What a way to squash a possible world champion.

    This match, however it happens, would still be one the fans would love to see,

Daniel Bryan

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    Wrestling the way it should be.

    There may not have been a better series of matches last year than the matches between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. 

    There are a  few feuds or rivalries that defined poetry in motion over the course of wrestling history. This is one of them. 

    The way these two would battle on the indie circuit before coming to the WWE and then showcased their talents for fans and the world to see was epic.

    It would be great to see that again.