Reality Stars Who Could Be WWE Superstars

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 8, 2013

WWE and reality shows go hand and hand.  Both are America’s guilty pleasures.  Both include questionable programming that is difficult to digest, yet impossible to turn away from. 

This begs the question of which reality television stars would make the most successful crossovers to professional wrestling. 

Some names come to mind immediately due to their pre-existing track record with the WWE, others because of their potential.  Due to their perception as being famous “for being famous,” most reality stars generate natural heel heat.  This natural heel heat could be easily exploited and capitalized by the WWE machine. 

Mike Mizanin is living proof that any reality show star could manufacture 15 minutes of fame and transcend it into a WWE championship career. 

Dare we say Mike “The Situation” could be next?  What about his Jersey Shore counterpart Snooki?  Donald Trump is a proven ratings draw who the WWE would die to bring on board. 

The possibilities could be endless.