Viral Video Breakdown: Blake Griffin, Lionel Messi and More Hot Videos

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 8, 2013

Viral Video Breakdown: Blake Griffin, Lionel Messi and More Hot Videos

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    Blake Griffin's Harry Caray wasn't good enough; Lionel Messi was smooched on the pitch and we have a week's worth of viral videos to breakdown. 

    We learned this week that not all impressions are hilarious, especially those offered by athletes. And we also found out how far some fans are willing to go to meet their heroes. 

    You can call off the search for all the amazing videos from the week that was—because we have collected the best the sports world has to offer. 

    Of course, we would love to see anything we may have missed, so feel free to throw down your suggestion in the comments section. 

    Or you could just sound off on some ridiculous moments in sports provided here. 

First Grade Swag

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    Blake Harper became a schoolyard legend the moment he sank a free throw to earn his classmates a day off school. 

    This is the moment the coolest kid in school was born. 

    More Information: First Grader Earns Entire School a Super Bowl Day Off with Epic Free Throw

Mirza Teletovic's Airball Bonanza

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    Mirza Teletovic's night went from bad to worse, and then he found more room to shoot a third airball. 

    The Nets bench player was on the court just long enough to launch three consecutive shots that seemed to just die from shame mid-flight. 

    More Information: Nets' Mirza Teletovic Records NBA Marvel, Airballs 3 Straight Shots Like a Champ

Little Kid Trick Shot Video

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    If you were wondering who the next basketball star might be, it's this two-year-old basketball phenom featured in his own trick-shot video. 

    He gets buckets, and there is no defender able to stand in his way. 

    More Information: Little Baby Shows Off Basketball Skills in Wonderful Trick-Shot Video

Things Get Messi

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    Lionel Messi and Argentina were embroiled in a friendly with Sweden when a fan came onto the pitch and became far too familiar.

    He plants a kiss on Messi's forehead and messes up his head as if it were his little brother he was sending off to camp.  

    More Information: Lionel Messi Fan Rushes Pitch to Land Kiss on Argentine Star's Forehead

Flacco Party

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    The Joe Flacco interview on Kelly & Michael Show really could have been as boring as any other interview with athletes, but this one had a surprise moment from Kelly Ripa. 

    The co-host decided the size discrepancy between Flacco and his diminutive wife guaranteed quite the "party."

    More Information: Kelly Ripa Makes Party Comment About Joe Flacco's Wife, Awkward Silence Ensues

Blake Does a Poor Harry Caray

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    Blake Griffin gave us all his impersonation of the great Harry Caray, and it was pretty much worse than any of the thousands you have heard before. 

    That doesn't stop the reporter from nearly dropping and rolling around the floor laughing. 

    More Information: Blake Griffin's Awful Harry Caray Impression Does Not Stop Reporter's LOL

Takeru Kobayashi Super Bowl Party Showdown

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    Most of you were stuffing your faces during the Super Bowl, but I doubt you crammed as much pizza in your mouth as pro eater Takeru Kobayashi. 

    The master of chowing down was hired to eat at a Super Bowl party, a gig I would love to have. He ate an entire Domino's pizza in one minute. 

    More Information: Takeru Kobayashi Took Minute to Down Domino's Pizza at Super Bowl Party

Shane Battier Dunks, Only Took 4 Years

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    We know, an aging NBA player throwing down a slam dunk isn't news. However, when you consider Shane Battier hasn't dunked in four years, and he dedicated the slam to suburban dads, it classifies as awesome. 

    The Heat player stated afterwards, "That one is for all the suburban dads out there. I might release a DVD of that."

    I'd buy it. It would be short, but well worth the watch. 

    More Information: Shane Battier's First Dunk in 4 Years Is Quickly Dedicated to Suburban Dads

Dikembe Mutombo Gets Block Happy

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    We almost forgot how wonderful Dikembe Mutombo can be. 

    Thankfully, GEICO brings him back to swat everything you are bringing to the hole, even boxes of cereal. 

    More Information: Dikembe Mutombo Gets Block-Happy for Hilarious Geico Commercial

Bane Takes over Super Bowl

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    There was a lot of conjecture over what caused the Super Bowl power outage. While we apparently have answers, I like to think Funny or Die's version is the real deal. 

    More Information: Funny or Die Makes All Your Bane Super Bowl Blackout Jokes Reality

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