Cam Newton, Heisman Winner and NFL QB, Playing Intramural Basketball at Auburn

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 8, 2013

Cam Newton is just like any Auburn student playing intramural sports, only he is an former college football superstar and the starting quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

OK, almost like any other student.

The War Eagle Reader (h/t Yahoo! Sports) reports the 23-year-old NFL quarterback is having an amazing time upon his return to the Auburn campus.

As reported in January, Newton is taking classes at the school he helped win a BCS national championship back in 2011.

While the usual winter doldrums may be hitting most students going to class, things are pretty much amazing for the young man not content to merely be a football player, but also a college graduate.

I like to think this was what Newton was doing right before leaving for Auburn. 

As The War Eagle Reader offers, Newton has been a student-section machine, leading the crowd in enthusiastic cheers during basketball games. 

Speaking of basketball games, one of the better anecdotes from Newton's return to school regards an intramural game he participated in: 

“A guy on my team was sitting on the bench and Kodi (Burns) walked up to him and asked if he could play with us. He said Cam will be here in a few,” (Ryan) Holderfield, a senior at Auburn studying aerospace engineering, told The War Eagle Reader. “The team we played tonight didn’t show up to play. But they played some pick up games with us.”

The War Eagle Reader has proof not every intramural game is bereft of world-class talent.

I would imagine some of those lacing up to play might have thought to themselves, "Is that Cam Newton?"

I wouldn't imagine Newton took it easy on his fellow Auburn students on the court, because he isn't looking to be an NFL star on campus, just a regular ol' student.

One War Eagle Reader report says that Newton ditched the celebrity treatment the minute he went back to school, unlike Rodney Dangerfield, who was in the movie Back to School

Maybe send a car to take him to and from class? Maybe some sort of security detail? Both ideas were shot down in favor of doing nothing. No chaperone, no shadow, no chauffeur. Nothing. That’s apparently what Cam wanted anyway. Cam gets what Cam wants.

You would think leaving for the NFL would negate any and all hope for returning to campus and capturing just a small measure of normal college life. 

While there is certainly nothing normal about being a famed athlete on campus, Newton is doing his best to fit in.

When that fails, he is going to concentrate on having a great time. 


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