Rangers' Reporter John Giannone Smashed in Face by Puck

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 8, 2013

Photo Credit: NY Daily News
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

While it may be dangerous to play in the NHL, we now have to consider the hazards of merely covering the sport. 

The NY Daily News reports John Giannone got a face full of an errant Marc Staal pass in the second period of an eventual Rangers 4-1 victory. 

The MSG Network’s Rangers sideline reporter was just chilling rinkside, minding his own business when he suddenly became part of the game.

Here is video of the moment, when merely standing and relaying the night's action suddenly became the most dangerous seat in the house.

When watching, you might notice the players and coaches duck out of the way of the oncoming puck, while Giannone stands defiant against the incoming doom.

You the man, John.

The announcers felt bad for their buddy who calmed their fears while getting tended to rinkside by trainer Jim Ramsay.  

It’s all good. Marc Staal came over and apologized. I literally kept my eye on the puck, I’ll tell you that. 

I am sure I would have been just as calm as Giannone was, only with more sobbing and wincing, peppering the night with imaginative expletives befitting the occasion of your face getting smashed with a puck. 

Giannone is a pro's pro and a man's man, because he acts like he just got pinged in the head by a marshmallow. He just stands there bleeding like that is just part of the job description:

  • Able to work well with colleagues. 
  • Explain nuances of NHL matchups
  • Bleeds politely. 

We have to echo what Rangers announcer Al Trautwig states right after seeing it all go down, "Did I just see that?" 

Yes, you did. We can now cross calling hockey games off the completely-safe-for-your-face professions. 

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